Weighing scale, tissue papers placed at platform in dental clinic
29 Mar 2023

Everyone working in the medical industry must maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness standards. Even dentist clinics must maintain specific cleaning[...]

Cannon Cleaning cleaner cleaning office table during eco friendly cleaning
28 Mar 2023

Eco-friendly cleaning entails the use of environmentally safe, sustainable materials. Finding the finest items is crucial because there are many[...]

Cleaners cleaning window and floor after completing cleaning of office cabin
22 Mar 2023

Most organisations for instance; hotels, corporate offices, and leisure centres are likely to hire commercial cleaners to ensure that their[...]

Completed cleaning of office desks, chairs and carpet by our cleaners
16 Mar 2023

If you're planning to hire commercial cleaners, you definitely have questions about the rates and what to anticipate. There are[...]

Cannon Cleaning cleaner cleaning office table during end of lease cleaning
15 Mar 2023

It's crucial to make sure the space is spotless when you leave a rented company location. You must do an[...]

Cleaned carpet, desks and chairs with systems placed in office cabin
27 Feb 2023

Do You Know? The durability and lifespan of your office carpet depend on how well you maintain it. Commercial carpets'[...]