on going floor cleaning process of office cleaning during winter
30 Sep 2022

The gentle fall breeze has already set the stage as the days grow shorter. It will soon be snowing and[...]

cannon medical clinic specialists doing clinic cleaning with the help of a predefine cleaning checklist
27 Sep 2022

In a study done by the Journal of Hospital Infection to evaluate the cleaning procedures of medical cleaning checklists, almost[...]

cannon cleaning team group waving during office deep cleaning process
16 Sep 2022

Is there anything more depressing than coming to work in a stale, musty office every day? No, most likely not![...]

cannon office cleaner cleaning backside of chair as per office cleaning checklist
15 Sep 2022

A clean workplace signifies safety and demonstrates to employees and visitors that you care about them. Maintaining the cleanliness of[...]

Professional Cleaning Services for Office to prevent cold and flu germs
09 Jun 2022

Employing people to clean for you might, at first, seem unnecessary and not worth the hassle. After all, why pay[...]

Professional cleaners doing carpet and table cleaning
04 May 2022

Without regular cleaning of your commercial setting, the reputation of your business could be left in jeopardy. The consequences of[...]