Let’s Bust Myths about Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Myths about commercial carpet cleaning in school
29 Dec 2022

Carpet is one of the most often used flooring materials in commercial buildings. It is cosy, reasonably priced, and durable over time. But it won’t last if the proper maintenance and cleaning aren’t done. For your business carpeting to look beautiful and last a long time, learn everything there is to know about preserving it.

There are some unfounded myths that might cost you money and drastically reduce the functional lifespan of your carpet. This blog’s objective is to refute any widespread commercial carpet cleaning myths.

7 Common Myths about Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Myth #1: Vacuuming too much will damage the carpet

A higher level of durability was not built into earlier carpets as it is now. Older carpets wore out much more quickly with regular vacuuming because of the density and length of the carpet fibres. But modern carpeting is made to withstand repeated vacuuming. You can vacuum your carpet often, which many people do. To take good care of your carpet as you clean it, choose a reliable vacuum cleaner. The brush roller should be revolving on its axis while the vacuum should be oscillating back and forth.

Myth #2: The best time to clean a carpet is when it starts to look dirty

Do you mean there’s no stain on your carpet? It appears dust-free? You must realise that appearances can be deceiving. Your carpet’s microfibres have the capacity to retain even the smallest, invisible-to-the-untrained eye particles. Spores that settle on the carpet from the window or your clothing can quickly turn into apparent carpet mould. Additionally, a spill from a long time ago appears to be gone but is likely still embedded in the carpet and growing mildew.

Professionals should utilise their equipment and industrial-grade cleansers to get rid of every bad object that may be lying on your carpet. Your vacuum or steam cleaner might be able to handle the matter temporarily.

Myth #3: Carpet will shrink after cleaning

It is quite rare that your carpet would shrink as a result of the treatment if you use a trained carpet cleaner. Reputable carpet cleaning companies make sure their specialists and staff are properly trained to give effective solutions without making mistakes that will unquestionably not damage your carpet or cause it to shrink.

Reputable carpet cleaning businesses also make equipment purchases. The likelihood of carpet damage decreases as equipment gets finer and newer.

Myth #4: Carpets will get dirtier quickly after cleaning

Simple explanation: Soap is the main component of carpet cleaning solutions because soap draws dirt. Therefore, to prevent carpets from becoming more dirty faster, you must either remove the soap or stop it from operating.

Some equipment doesn’t achieve this; for example, the inexpensive, commonly accessible DIY machines merely rinse carpets with a lot of water; this doesn’t neutralise the cleaning agent and leaves some residue in the carpet, which makes them dirty more quickly.

Myth #5: Cleaned carpets will take 24 to 48 hrs to dry

Since carpets used to dry in this amount of time in the past, we’re not sure if this counts as one of the true myths regarding commercial carpet cleaning. Companies that still require this type of dry time are outdated and, to put it frankly, not worth considering. Modern machinery and procedures may often provide dry periods of little more than a few hours to as little as 30 minutes when using the right company.

Myth #6: Only old carpets need professional cleaning

There is no doubt that old carpets needs cleaning. However, age is not the only factor to consider when determining whether or not to get your carpet cleaned.

The volume of usage your carpet receives might help you determine whether it is unclean or not.

  • How high is your footfall?
  • What shoes are stepping on the carpet?
  • Do you own animals?

Your carpet will get soiled more quickly than you may expect depending on how you answered the above questions. And at that point, employing commercial carpet cleaning services at least once a year won’t be a choice; it’ll be a need.

Myth #7: Regular cleaning will reduce the life of my carpet

It’s one of the frequent myths for commercial carpet cleaning that routine cleaning shortens a carpet’s lifespan and dulls its shine. Let us tell you right now that it’s not true at all.

Your carpets will last a long time if you have them cleaned at least once a year. Actually, only when carpets are maintained and expertly cleaned once a year do the majority of carpet manufacturers give warranties on their products.

Over to You!

We hope you are now clear about the commercial cleaning myths about carpets. If you still need further assistance or you are looking for a reliable and professional cleaning company then Cannon Cleaning is the perfect match for you. We provide commercial cleaning in Berkshire, London, Bedfordshire, and nearby suburbs. You can get in touch with us anytime.

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