8 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes that Shorten Carpet Life

carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid in elevator area of office premise
14 Feb 2023

Everyone is aware that carpets may become dirty, but you’d be shocked at how many people, even skilled experts, don’t know how to properly clean them.

According to a recent online survey of more than 2,000 adult conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Whittaker Co. found that 83% of respondents say well-maintained carpet improves their confidence in a facility’s cleanliness.

The feel, appearance, and lifespan of your carpeted surfaces may be significantly impacted by some of the most frequent mistakes amateur cleaners make. Wondering what carpet cleaning mistakes affect the health of your staff and the appearance of your office? We have a dedicated blog for you, keep reading till the end.

8 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Overuse of chemicals in carpet cleaning

The chemicals you use to clean your carpet should always be tested before usage, especially if you get them from a local distributor. They don’t always have the time to examine the long-term effects of each cleaning agent on your carpet or test them on the exact tools you use.

Also, When using too much chemical, it will be difficult to rinse the carpet. This will leave behind a soapy film that resembles a stain.

2. Rubbing carpet stain

One of the common carpet cleaning mistakes is rubbing the stains on your carpet. It might seem easy to you to take a moist hand towel and begin aggressively washing or scrubbing a spill or stain on your carpet.

Rubbing on carpet may cause the carpet fibres to fray by harming them. Also, it is advisable to never use brushes or instruments for scrubbing.

3. Usage of wrong cleaning products

Your carpet might sustain significant harm from the incorrect cleaning solution. The best example can be; using carpet cleaners which are designed for natural fibres for cleaning of synthetic carpets. Cleaning without understanding the kind of carpet you have and the type of cleaning process it requires can affect the lifespan of your carpet.

4. Using the wrong carpet cleaning tools

Using subpar or defective carpet cleaning equipment might provide subpar results, damage to the fibres, and patchiness.

Depending on the size of your office space, the types of surfaces it comprises, etc. different cleaning methods for carpet are better or worse for various scenarios.

This mistake is common when we decide to rent a carpet cleaning machine and try to clean the carpets with zero knowledge or experience with that professional machine. You can also refer to our blog: Should You Hire a Commercial Carpet Cleaners or Rent a Machine?

5. Using Cheap Carpet Fresheners

Powder carpet deodorizers may eventually lead to a buildup of dirt on your carpet’s fibres. Frequently, using your vacuum cleaner to remove the powder tends to leave some behind. The powder is ingested into the carpet fibres when you, your staff, and visitors tread on it. After then, getting rid of it is really challenging.

Additionally, using these powdered carpet deodorizers may give you the impression that your carpet is cleaner than it actually is. People often connect fresh scents with cleanliness. Your carpet may smell wonderful, but that doesn’t always imply it’s clean. Because a powdered deodorizer has a pleasant aroma, you might opt to skip getting your carpet professionally cleaned or even vacuumed.

6. Avoid cleaning of new carpet

Don’t believe the misconception that a new carpet doesn’t need cleaning until it looks or smells awful after you’ve bought it. Delaying the cleaning process will just cause your priceless carpet to get dirtier. You won’t be able to see the tiny particles that are snuggled up inside the strands since it is a carpet. Starting to clean your carpet as soon as possible is essential for its lifespan. Don’t let dirt and dust accumulate on your carpet, since this can diminish its aesthetic appeal.

7. No cleaning on a regular basis

There is a limit to how much germs your carpets can store, even though they are intended to serve as a filter for bacteria by gathering and holding them in their threads. The carpet will fill up and start to emit bacteria into the air if you let too much build up. That’s why it is essential to keep your office carpet clean on a regular time intervals.

If any of your employees have allergies, or you have people in the office who have asthma then you should be especially concerned about this. Breathing in germs might cause major health issues even though you appear to be in good condition.

8. Wrong selection of carpet cleaning company

This is due to the fact that some companies who advertise themselves as professional carpet cleaners really lack the knowledge and experience necessary to properly maintain your carpet. Some people might not know how to properly clean your carpet, and they can end up damaging it in the process.

You should always look to find the best experts feasible to clean your carpets for you because not doing so might truly have adverse effects. Cannon Cleaning has a committed and reliable team with thorough training in all of our cleaning techniques and is equipped with a variety of tools and years of practical expertise.

Over To You! It’s Time for the Decision!

Even though you would want to cut costs, your carpet may require a good clean. In such circumstances, hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company is the best option. Fitted carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, more frequently if your staff works for 5 days a week or more.

You’ll be well on your way to having long lasting carpets if you stay clear of these eight carpet cleaning blunders. Contact us right now to see how we can keep your carpets looking great. We provide commercial cleaning in Hertfordshire, London, Essex and nearby locations.