Should You Hire a Commercial Carpet Cleaners or Rent a Machine?

clean office carpet with desk & chair and window in background
16 Nov 2022

Before renting a carpet-cleaning machine in an attempt to clean the carpets at your business office, take the time to read this article. You’ll probably concur that hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company makes sense.

Let’s start with understanding why carpet cleaning is required:

Importance of carpet cleaning in commercial places

With expert carpet cleaning that fully penetrates the carpet fibres, you can get rid of dirt and bacteria. This is important since dirt and bacteria are mostly responsible for ill workers and unhygienic workplaces.

Commercial carpet cleaning helps your business decrease airborne allergens. Sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and runny noses decrease as a consequence. Thorough cleaning also rids the air of dust and other pollutants, giving your personnel a cleaner and healthier working environment.

You can also relate the importance of professional carpet cleaning with the life span of your carpet. Over time, dirt and grime can harm the carpet fabric. Cleaning your carpet regularly without making any mistakes can help you keep it durable and robust. Over time, this can save your company money.

5 Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • Create a comforting environment: An inviting atmosphere created by immaculate carpets demonstrates to potential customers that your business is respectable and pays attention to details. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and the number one thing that provokes customers to leave is unclean carpets.

  • Safeguard your investment: No one likes to replace good carpet prematurely due to excessive wear and tear because, let’s face it, it is expensive. One of the safest ways to keep your flooring immaculate, according to experts, is to hire a professional cleaner who is educated on how to properly care for your carpets so they look great for their entire lifespan.

  • Promote a healthier environment: Do You Know that it’s harmful for your health to walk on dirty carpets? In reality, area rugs and carpets have a horrible propensity of holding bacteria and viruses.
    Regular, deep office cleaning is necessary to promote a better interior environment for your personnel and clients.
    Commercial carpet cleaning done following appropriate carpet cleaning method is far more efficient than any rental cleaning machine. This is because the cleaning employees have better experience and skills of operating carpet cleaning machines to effectively maintain your carpet floors.

  • Lower employee absence because of illness: Experts claim that regular carpet repair might drastically reduce your staff absence rate. A significant number of employees apply for sick days each year that are caused by common infections and poor indoor air quality brought on by things like mould. Proper business cleaning is the secret to lowering the number of days your staff spends at home instead of working.

  • During your downtime, professionals clean: If you want to prevent people from having to walk on wet carpets during regular business hours, forget about paying your staff extra to clean the carpets.
    An important benefit of hiring a professional carpet cleaner is that they operate during your downtime, allowing your business to carry on as usual the following day despite the presence of wet carpets.

How to calculate cost of commercial carpet cleaning?

The price of commercial carpet cleaning services often varies across service providers and also relies on how much carpet is in your workplace.

Professionals who clean carpets frequently offer free estimates, allowing you to compare prices. Commercial carpet cleaners may charge less per cleaning if you contract with them for routine maintenance services to keep your carpet in good condition.

The health of your employees and the image of your business both depend on keeping your office or workstation tidy, and frequently cleaning the carpet is a fantastic method to do this.

In comparison to DIY approaches like renting carpet cleaning machines, professional commercial carpet cleaning services will assist to maintain your business looking clean, promote a healthier environment, and manage the task more successfully. To explore your choices for commercial carpet cleaning services, get in touch with a office carpet cleaning experts in Kent, London, Surrey and nearby areas.

Want To Know More (FAQs)?

Is it cheaper to clean the carpet or replace it?

Although replacing carpets is usually more expensive, there are specific situations where buying new carpets is vital. As a general guideline, you should replace your carpets when they represent a threat to your health by containing allergens or mould.

What is the best way to have carpets professionally cleaned?

Deep stains and embedded filth are best removed with steam cleaning since it leaves no residue or smells in your carpeting.

Is it worth hiring a carpet cleaner?

The cost of professional cleaning is justified. Although it is a bit more expensive than renting or purchasing, you won’t have to spend any time on it to achieve the greatest results.

Should I clean my carpets myself or hire a professional?

It is in your best interest to engage a professional deep cleaning service, simply because of their experience. This enables them to complete the task considerably more effectively than you could. Furthermore, their machinery is likely to have greater extraction power than anything you have.

It’s Time to Save Some Money

It makes sense to use our services for routine carpet maintenance, as you can see from our list of advantages of commercial carpet cleaning. Regular cleaning not only saves you money but also protects the health of everyone in the building and keeps your floors looking beautiful.

Remember that by outsourcing your cleaning requirements, you can concentrate on expanding your company. The advantage of having spotlessly clean carpets is that you may welcome guests into your office without fearing that they’ll presume you can’t afford the rent. Get in touch with us if you require commercial cleaning in Kent, Surrey, London and nearby counties.

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