Winter Carpet Care: How to Keep Your Office Carpets Clean

office winter carpet cleaning importance with office desk & chairs in background
28 Nov 2022

Office cleaning may be a demanding and challenging work, particularly in the winter. For your workplace to seem pristine, you may need to do a winter specific cleaning exercise in tens or even hundreds of rooms, depending on the size of your business.

It’s frequently easy to overlook the possibility of snow being transported inside an office building by muddy boots that track dirt on the floor. Additionally, even taking a lunch break might cause employees to bring mess from fallen food into the office. Which ultimately leads to spoiled carpets in offices.

As a result, we decided to write a blog that will provide the best advice and benefits of commercial carpet cleaning.

4 Ways to Keep Office Carpet Cleaning in Winter

  1. Begin on Outside of Office
    Preventing the entry of outside elements is the greatest method to maintain the carpets in your business clean and looking their best. Outdoor rugs and mats at entrances serve to keep out dust, wetness, and other contaminants that would otherwise be tracked into the workplace by shoes and boots worn by visitors and staff.

    Another useful preventive measure that can lessen the entry of undesirable components into your facility is careful planning for snow and ice removal from workplace car parks and sidewalks.

  2. Think about Portable Mats
    During the worst winter months, using temporary mats may save time, be more affordable, keep your entryways clean, and save wear and strain on the permanent flooring of your business.

    Temporary mats are made to endure the high traffic of wet and dirty boots, which may permanently harm your carpet, and are simple to wipe down and wash off.

  3. Keep up with Spot Cleaning
    Despite our best efforts, it is hard to completely stop moisture, grime, and salt from getting into the carpet and flooring in your business.

    Regular vacuuming is a quick and easy approach to keep your workplace carpets from being permanently stained or damaged. You should also treat dirty areas promptly using spot treatments to get rid of dirt and debris before they produce a permanent stain.

  4. Repair the Seasonal Harm
    Let the experts handle office carpet cleaning service once the harsh winter season is over so they will be spotless for the springtime. And Cannon Cleaning is the perfect partner for it. Our experts will handle all your commercial cleaning requirements.

    You should get rid of the remainder of winter’s leftovers with a office deep cleaning procedure in your business premises, giving you and your staff a tidy and revitalised entrance!

Preparing your Office for the Winter Season

1. Keep windows and doors sealed:

There are office buildings with fixed windows. You are all prepared for the winter if this is the case.

For others who are less fortunate, sealing your windows and doors prevents chilly air from entering your space. The little gaps may result in lower temperature inside the office, which may drastically increase your power costs.

Additionally, the risk of illness is known to increase throughout the winter. During the winter, sealing the entrances helps keep your staff cosy and warm.

2. Spend money on high-quality Door Mats:

Investing in high-quality doormats that can keep snow and debris out of your area is among the best things you can do for your maintenance staff.

Before any dirt even reaches your office, these mats have it covered. They provide your staff and visitors a chance to remove their shoes before entering.

3. Replace Old Lighting Fixtures with new ones:

Daylight will start to reduce rapidly as winter approaches. At four in the afternoon, it is suddenly dark in some places. Once a year, most light bulbs need to be replaced. The greatest time to cross this item off your to-do list is during the winter months. We have no doubt that your staff will appreciate the additional illumination.

4. Have the HVAC system cleaned by a Professional:

Once your employees return from breaks, your HVAC system will be operating nonstop. After the break is when most places have their harshest winters. To ensure that your system is primed and ready, it is best to schedule your yearly HVAC cleaning around this time.

Over to You!

It’s really an eyesore to return to the workplace with a list of maintenance and cleaning tasks. They aren’t the most enjoyable activities to begin the year with, despite the fact that they are required for maintaining your workstation.

Thankfully, you don’t have to handle these responsibilities.

Working with specialists is your best option if you want to make sure that your office space is constantly in excellent condition. Different types of office cleaning and maintenance is something that we at Cannon Cleaning have 21+ years of combined expertise of commercial cleaning in Hertfordshire, London, Essex and nearby locations. We can assist you in achieving unparalleled cleanliness!