Flexible window cleaning contracts

Windows can make all the difference to a business property, or to any property for that matter. Allowing light to come in is an effective way of building a welcoming and positive atmosphere. If, however, your windows are smudged or dirty, they can actually have a negative impact on the overall look of your premises, making them look unattractive and worse, unprofessional. Thankfully, a simple solution is available; if you’re based in Hertford or South East England and want your windows to help enhance the building, our window cleaning services will ensure that you always have a great view.

Reach and wash services

Some windows, particularly in old or registered buildings, can be extremely hard to access. You may assume that cleaning services in such situations would, therefore, be both laborious and expensive. On the contrary, Cannon Cleaning make the process simple, while also offering extremely competitive prices. Reach and wash window cleaning is a new technique that uses folding poles to give a gleaming finish to high, hard to reach windows while maintaining safety standards. Our employees have a great amount of experience in using the technique effectively, meaning that we are more than capable of leaving your Hertford office’s high windows sparkling.

Conventional window cleaning services

Here at Cannon Cleaning, we believe that sometimes, the old ways are the best. That’s certainly the case when it comes to regular window cleaning, and it’s why we offer a traditional, more standard service for windows that don’t require the reach and wash method.

Using squeegees, buckets of pure water and the most effective cleaning products available, we will make sure your windows have a streak-free shine. We also tend to the frames to give a smarter overall appearance. Just because we’re using a more standard method, though, don’t think for one second that we ever compromise on quality. All of our services are provided professionally and efficiently, making us the number one choice in Hertford and the surrounding areas of Greater London.

Cannon Cleaning

For all of your window cleaning requirements, contact Cannon Cleaning. Our professional experience, competitive rates and friendly, approachable nature makes us the number one choice for the area. Call us on 01992 505 358, or fill in our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!