Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Give your office carpet a new lease of life with our commercial carpet cleaning services. Whether it is wool, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, acrylic, or leather carpet, we can clean it.

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Office and Commercial Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services We Provide

With over 21 years of experience dealing with filthy carpets, our industrial carpet cleaners have developed industry-leading expertise, enabling us to offer superior carpet cleaning services to commercial clients. Using our years of experience in the business, we can deliver excellent outcomes whether you want professional carpet cleaning services in London & surrounding counties or additional processes like upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, stain removal, or end of lease carpet cleaning. We provide a comprehensive range of commercial carpet cleaning services like:

  1. Dry Carpet Cleaning
  2. Hot water Extraction Carpet Cleaning
  3. Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning
  4. Dry Foam Cleaning
  5. Carpet Agitation Cleaning
  6. Bonnet Carpet Cleaning
  7. Office Carpet Cleaning
  8. End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

Our Customer Feedback Means Everything!

Ezequiel Robledo
Ezequiel Robledo
Great company to work. I’m former Operations Area Manager, and I have enjoyed working with them during my time. Also I didn’t seen many companies with that high level of compromise with customers and employees like Cannon Cleaning. Fully recommend they service.
April Holmes
April Holmes
We have been using Cannon Cleaning for over a year now. We are very happy with their service from Management, Accounts and Cleaners. They are reliable and reasonably priced.
Gary Bartram
Gary Bartram
Our cleaner comes in after office hours and is very thorough with his cleaning. He is also very respectful and does not disturb us if he sees that we are in a meeting or busy.
Isabel King
Isabel King
Ashley and Zee have been great to deal with. Always very on hand and quick to resolve any issues we have.
Cannon Cleaning have been cleaning our office for a few months now and we are so appreciative for their attention to detail, excellent communication & overall brilliant service, we couldn't be happier.
Stephen Brazier
Stephen Brazier
Cannon Cleaning have been cleaning the Church Hall premises since 2019. They have proved reliable and efficient. Any minor issues have been dealt with quickly and professionally. Very happy with the standard of both cleaning and overall service from this company. Recommendable.
vardan p
vardan p
Great company to work with and very professional people. What I love especially is the monthly check ups, they actually visit the sites and check on things, make notes on their system if there's anything to improve on and follow up the following month to make sure they've been done. Great service guys, keep it up
Natasha Chetty
Natasha Chetty
Our Business has been working with Cannon Cleaning for 3+ years the management team, especially Ezequiel, has always been very understanding and has gone above and beyond to deliver a good service.
Claire Bennett
Claire Bennett
Cannon Cleaning & their team working in my office are very efficient & friendly, even when faced with horrible tasks. I would highly recommend.

Why Are We A Leading Carpet Cleaning Company?

Our Management Team

With over 50 years of combined experience in the cleaning industry, we have proficiency in managing contracts in a multitude of environments.

Highly Vetted Recruitment

Our team of experienced cleaners are proficient in their work and we make sure when we recruit, that we thoroughly vet and hire the best and most professional people only.

Strength in Numbers

We have a massive pool of cleaning staff, so you don’t have to worry about sickness or absence of any staff member in the cleaning department.

Mobile Attendance System

We provide mobile logs to keep track of the work timings and attendance of our cleaners. This provides assurance to our clients that we are fulfilling the hours we agreed on for the cleanliness of your office.

Quick Response Teams

We have a dedicated customer service team to resolve all your queries quickly. You don’t have to wait for hours to get to the customer care department; we are always available.

Training and Development

We invest heavily into our training and development department so that our staff are always up to date on industry trends, and have the sufficient skills to perform to the elite standards our customers deserve. Moreover, all our staff get ongoing training through our monthly toolbox talks.

Motivated Cleaning Staff

At Cannon Cleaning it is our goal to ensure we keep up with the economy and happiness of all our employees. As a result all our employees are paid above the national living wage.

Monthly Cleaning Audits

Every month without fail, an Area Manager will book an appointment with you to conduct a site survey of your office. This will be the perfect opportunity to discuss your cleaning contract and overall experience of our service.

Want To Know More(FAQs) About Carpet Cleaning?

  • What types of carpets can we clean?

    Your quest for a commercial carpet cleaning company is done. Over the years, we’ve noticed and achieved everything; there is no carpet cleaning task we cannot handle. Whether you require a deep clean or an emergency clean-up, we can help.Offices, schools , colleges, and hospitals are typical commercial facilities for which we offer professional carpet cleaning services. We clean different types of carpets including synthetic carpets, wool carpets, and carpets made of plant fibres.

  • How does the hot-water extraction carpet cleaning work?

    In order to remove dirt, grime, and other pollutants from your carpet, hot water extraction uses high-temperature water sprays that are blended with specialised cleaning ingredients. A strong vacuum picks up the dirt once it has been pulled off, leaving your carpet looking fresh. As it is more adaptable and produces the greatest outcomes, our carpet cleaners in London choose the hot water extraction approach.

  • How does the dry carpet cleaning service work?

    A chemical used for thorough cleaning is administered to the carpets during dry carpet cleaning. The oils in the carpet that dirt and stains adhere to are then absorbed by these chemicals. Then, they are eliminated using a standard vacuum. As an alternative to harsh chemical cleaners, Cannon Cleaning provides organic and more environmentally friendly choices. It is a wonderful alternative for commercial carpet cleaning because of the quick drying time, especially in entranceways or corridors where it is challenging to limit foot traffic for extended periods of time.

  • Why should I have regular Carpet Cleaning?

    Your budget will undoubtedly be severely dented by the incredibly expensive task of changing the carpets across your commercial property, leaving you with much less money to invest in other aspects of your business. Regular carpet cleaning services from Cannon Cleaning give you the tools you need to safeguard your carpet in the long run and significantly increase the useful life of interior furniture.

  • Why is Carpet Cleaning so important?

    Carpets collect dust and pollutants, which attract insects, which soon cause issues for bystanders. Finally, expert carpet cleaning will extend a carpet’s lifespan by many years while also helping to keep its beauty, scent, and form. Your carpets will be cleaned to the highest standards by hiring a professional carpet cleaners from the best carpet cleaning company like Cannon Cleaning, which will also save you time and effort.

  • How Carpet Cleaning can be done?

    With the various tools and chemicals, carpet cleaning is possible. With a range of carpet cleaning techniques, including steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning, Cannon Cleaning offers you experienced and qualified carpet cleaners in London.

  • Which type of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service do you offer?

    Using our 21+ years of experience in the business, we can deliver excellent outcomes whether you want professional carpet cleaning services in London or additional processes like upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, stain removal, or end of lease carpet cleaning.

  • Unsure which service? We can advise you.

    If you’re unsure which commercial carpet cleaning services to employ, we’ll let our manager visit your property to offer you advice on the kinds of services you should use and to provide you with a quotation. Our carpet cleaners will give you advice if you are using the services for the first time and are unsure which one to use.

Bespoke Contracts

Here at Cannon Cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing the most bespoke services to suit your own, individual needs. Our 24/7 availability means that we can carry out your office cleaning after work hours to ensure that there is no disruption to your business. No task is too big or too small – we welcome contracts from a range of office sizes, and we provide a flexible service so that you can choose exactly what is done.

Bespoke Contracts

One Stop Shop

Our office cleaning services are essentially a one stop shop – we provide window cleaning, floor maintenance and upkeep (including carpet cleaning) and washroom services as standard parts of our service.

One Stop Shop


As a responsible cleaning contractor, we understand that having the correct insurance policies are important. Of course, all our cleaners are trained and operate with the utmost care when working. However, if unforeseen accidents do occur, we make sure you as the client do not have to worry. Cannon Cleaning has full Employers and public liability cover.

Please contact us directly for more information on the insurance cover we have.


Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Cannon Cleaning is proud to talk about all the services we offer for every business niche. At present we are working with a large number of organisation from the private, education and healthcare sector in London, Herts and South East England.

School Cleaning
School Cleaning School Cleaning

Cannon Cleaning have been supporting the education sector, cleaning institutions such as Primary Schools, Secondary, Pupil referral units(PRU’S),Colleges, and many more.

Healthcare Cleaning
Healthcare Cleaning Healthcare Cleaning

Cannon Cleaning have been supporting the NHS and the private healthcare sector in premises such as GP Surgeries, 111 call centres, and dental practices.

Gym Cleaning
Gym Cleaning Gym Cleaning

Cannon Cleaning has team of highly trained professional gym cleaners for daily gym cleaning, gym equipment cleaning, floor cleaning for commercial gyms.