6 Essentials to Consider When Appointing a Professional Cleaning Company

Professional cleaners doing carpet and table cleaning
04 May 2022

Without regular cleaning of your commercial setting, the reputation of your business could be left in jeopardy. The consequences of not keeping your workplace up to scratch could inevitably result in loss of revenue. Commercial cleaning is a necessity and a mandatory investment in order to achieve the level of well-being and safety required for your workforce and your clients.

Whether you’re looking for office cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning, communal cleaning, or a combination of facilities, finding an impressive service provider will take time, research and careful consideration, particularly when considering the individual requirements of your company.

Here we’ve

Checklist to Hire Professional Cleaning Company

1. Are Frequent Audits Undertaken?

Knowing that your chosen cleaning provider conducts regular audits is also encouraging and worth questioning prior to signing a contract. A cleaning service that conducts frequent audits are clearly keen on maintaining a good standard of health and safety, ensuring you gain a fair service for the price you pay.

2. Are the Staff Health & Safety Trained?

Having the relevant health and safety training is an essential part of a cleaning operative’s job description. Make sure that your provider invests time into sufficiently training their staff – this will shine through (literally) when it comes to the standard of service you receive.

With the relevant training, potential safety hazards are less likely to occur. Employees that possess the relevant health and safety training lower the risk of your premises being put in jeopardy.

For instance, wet floors without the relevant warning signs or cables obstructing a walkway could result in catastrophic events, but health and safety trained providers will have instilled such knowledge into their staff.

3. Are Cleaning Product Costs Inclusive?

Another thing to check with your cleaning provider is whether the cost of consumable cleaning products and use of equipment is included in the overall cost you pay. Having to consider additional costs on top can prove to be a headache for many.

Cleaning companies vary greatly, but many provide refuse sacks, air fresheners, cleaning products, as well as hand towel supplies and toilet roll.

Checking with your service provider if consumables and use of equipment are included can help put your mind at ease, and ensure you get more for your money.

4. What Does Their Insurance Policy Cover?

All professional cleaning companies should have insurance coverage. Ask what your chosen service provider’s insurance policy covers before you commit to any long-term contract.

Be sure to enquire about the cover they possess in relation to their cleaning staff as well potential property damage. In the event of damages, most cleaning companies guarantee to repair or replace the item.

5. Do They Offer a Wide Range of Services?

Opting for a cleaning provider who offers a range of services should make life that bit easier.

For instance, if you’ve signed a 40 hour weekly contract, it’s always handy to know you can opt for additional deep clean services to tackle more specialised areas, such as carpet cleaning.

Choosing to have two or more services from one provider will almost certainly be cheaper than approaching two separate providers.

6. How Flexible Are They?

Does the provider offer flexible contracts? A flexible approach to cleaning is a wonderful asset to many businesses, knowing they can opt for more or less hours from week to week.

For many businesses, the day-to-day running may not be consistent enough to warrant a set amount of cleaning hours per week, therefore they may wish to add or subtract hours accordingly.

Ask yourself whether you would benefit from flexible service provider and see if the provider you have in mind offers such flexibility. Moreover as an owner you can also check out office cleaning checklist to manage your cleaning task with ease.

If you’re in need of a trustworthy and effective commercial cleaning services, each of the 6 essentials points above should help you to locate the ideal service provider for your business. Get commercial cleaning in Bedfordshire, London, Buckinghamshire and nearby counties by calling us today.