How to keep the communal areas clean in commercial properties? 9 Tips

cleaning communal areas in commercial office properties
30 Sep 2022

As nearby commercial cleaners, we are aware that cleaning communal areas may be more challenging than it appears at first. It should be simple, but difficulties are frequently brought up by the diverse interests that are involved.

People have high expectations when it comes to what they expect to see, especially when it comes to commercial properties and corporate offices, which is quite natural. Budgets may limit what can really be cleaned.

And the real cleaners may begin to slack off, especially if new people are engaged and are rushing through these areas without anyone watching them.

9 Ways to keep communal areas clean in corporate offices

  1. The area just outside the entrances & exits: Although legally speaking, the little areas immediately outside the main entry or exit doors may not be considered part of the “interior cleaning,” a fast sweep or at the very least a litter pick may drastically improve the appearance of the area. Even though you might need a new exterior brush, for example, and to collaborate with the gardener, if you’ve hit rock bottom, these can be straightforward wins for the cleaner.

  2. Smooth Stair Nose: Regarding steps further, pay close attention to the tread ends since they might protrude like a sore thumb. And make sure you do more than just a basic wipe or vacuum clean; in certain cases, the dirt and grit may require a good old wipe with a moist cloth.

  3. The glass windows and doors: However, a fast wash of significant items like entry doors might assist, especially when receiving a lot of people traffic and grimy hands against them. Window cleaners are obviously required for complete window cleaning. However, be careful not to skimp on the work and leave small smears that may quickly make it appear worse than it was before.

  4. Skirting Boards: A little more obscure, but once individuals find these places, a can of worms is opened. The very top edge of a skirting board is a common location for the dust to gather, but it just requires a short wipe instead of a thorough cleaning.

  5. Common Handles: Naturally, handles on all types of doors develop smudge marks and require cleaning, both for aesthetic reasons and for reasons of basic hygiene. Make sure the finish is top-notch for specific finishes like brass.

  6. Don’t ignore the railings: It makes sense that the bannisters and railings would require more care given how frequently people handle them. Additionally, they are simple to see because they are in the public eye, especially when the dust is gathering on the rail’s bottom.

  7. Unwanted mails: Even if the mailboxes are not located in common areas, it seems to go everywhere and includes anything from takeout flyers to notes from couriers for closed offices. Of course, you need to be judicious and avoid moving any posts that are obviously tied to the occupants, but at the very least, get rid of the apparent garbage and arrange the remaining objects in a tidy pile.

  8. Floors: Floor coverings often just need a simple clean, such as vacuuming a carpet or mopping a hard floor. However, keep an eye out for extra dirt and stains that need special attention since they will stick out like sore thumbs.

  9. Unrevealed Ceilings: Lift your gaze upward to reveal a whole new realm of dust and filth accumulating in the ceiling, whether in wall joins or around light fixtures. Okay, so this usually falls under a deeper cleaning, but at the very least, it is recommended to do some more high-level cleaning with, say, a long duster.

Bonus tip: The best way for communal area cleaning

You simply can’t afford to let the common area get dirty since you never know when you could have visitors. Get professional commercial cleaning services to complete the task if persuading your team to do their share of the work seems like too much hassle, might lead to resentment, or is just not feasible.

To maintain and keep the place clean, expert commercial cleaners will be able to visit on a daily or weekly basis. They will be equipped with the proper cleaning supplies and gear. Additionally, they will be knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to cleaning business premises.

All employees must share responsibility for the common space. To keep the space tidy, everyone must contribute. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with paying someone to assist or complete the task. You should make an effort to maintain a clean workplace since a pleasant workplace tends to be one that is well-kept. You want everything to be tidy. You can engage cleaning services to do the tasks that you and your staff are unable or, let’s face it, unwilling to complete.