What Are the Different Types of Commercial Cleaning Services?

Floor, Office Carpet and window types of commercial cleaning services cannon cleaning provides
17 Nov 2022

Your business has to be a hygienic and clean space whether it is solely used by your staff or has constant customer ’s attention. It’s crucial to uphold high standards of cleanliness at businesses that cater to the general public, especially hotels, restaurants and retail stores.

Regular and general cleaning of surfaces such as tiles, floors, interior walls, partition walls, furniture, lighting, suspended ceilings, windows, dining and kitchen areas, laundry facilities, and more will be included in the scope of commercial cleaning.

Employing our cleaning services for your business needs has the advantage that every proposal and service is customised to the client’s needs and price range.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

In simple terms, commercial cleaning is done by qualified cleaners who are employed by a business or organisation. For instance, to make sure that their premises are sufficiently sanitised and clean, hotels, businesses, gyms and recreation facilities are likely to engage commercial cleaners.

Since business cleaning is considerably different from household cleaning, commercial cleaning supplies including specialised floor care and industrial vacuum cleaners that can operate on both wet and dry surfaces will also be employed. There are multiple commercial cleaning types that all of us should know as it can help us to hire the right expert as per our requirements.

Different Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

1. Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our entire country has a variety of commercial buildings with carpeting. Carpets often soften the appearance of a place and give workers who might spend a lot of time standing a more comfortable walking area.

Traditional carpet cleaners leave behind residue that shortens a carpet’s lifetime and accelerates fibre breakdown. Our commercial carpet cleaners employ eco-friendly chemicals with relevant methods for cleaning carpet that don’t degrade fibres while still providing you with a superior clean .

2. Commercial Desks and Surface Cleaning

The condition of your workstations and their surfaces is one of the main things your clients or walk-in customers will notice because they make up the bulk of your workplace.

What would you think of the firm and the workers if you were to visit any commercial locations and noticed the messy desks? In a similar vein, your clients will evaluate your business based on how your workstations seem.

Professional office cleaning company take care of such minute details when cleaning your offices because they know how challenging it can be to balance keeping your office spotless with your daily responsibilities.

3. Commercial Floor Cleaning

Depending on the sort of business, different commercial spaces have varied flooring. For instance, here are a few types of flooring you may have in your commercial space: carpet, concrete, tile, and vinyl.

By preventing filth, stains, scratches, and abrasions as well as humidity and water damage to the floor, cleaning such flooring in your workplace safeguards staff and clients. A professional floor cleaning solution is used by a commercial floor cleaning company to extend the life and aesthetic appeal of flooring.

4. Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning means when a business requires cleaning that goes above and beyond the degree of cleanliness provided by daily and occasional cleaning. This involves a specialised team using the most recent cleaning techniques to get the job done.

  1. Deep cleaning in the kitchen: To maintain the highest levels of hygiene, industrial kitchens frequently require routine cleaning of all surfaces and equipment. When possible, this entails de-scaling, de-greasing, and removing carbon deposits using environmentally benign and biodegradable chemicals. Ovens, fryers, canopies, and extraction units are included in this.
  2. Deep cleaning of commercial properties: These facilities may experience a significant buildup of dirt, debris, or even regular dust. This may be present in the furnishings, the surfaces, or the carpets.

5. Clinical Cleaning

Environments that demand a high level of sanitation, such clinics, hospitals, and treatment facilities, require clinical cleaning. An extremely high risk of infection can be managed in locations by a clinical cleaning service.

The National Healthcare Standards will frequently be met via clinical cleaning. As a result, experts may assist firms by providing permitted consumables including sanitizers, soaps, recycled paper goods, restroom services, and garbage collection (including sharps).

6. Commercial Window Cleaning

To create the perfect commercial office setting, business owners frequently employ glitzy lighting, glass-based shelves, counters, and racks to exhibit their goods for walk-in clients or have opulent board rooms and cabins for client meetings.

However, having everything in your workplace in order but having unclean windows is like to smiling at someone who has stained teeth. With clean windows, you need to ensure that you give the greatest possible first impression.

If businesses want to draw in more consumers, their windows must be kept clear and spotless without making window cleaning mistakes, including showrooms, retail stores, and dining establishments. An experienced commercial window cleaner is aware of this need for their business clients.

Interesting Facts about Commercial Cleaning

  • Researchers from Yale and Columbia Universities in the 2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) report determined that Denmark, with a score of 82.5, is the world’s cleanest nation. With a score of just 22.6, Liberia comes in last. The ratings were determined by a number of variables, including ecological diversity, greenhouse gas emissions, water and air quality, and environmental public health.
  • There are around 25,000 germs per square inch on a common workplace phone.
  • Men’s workstations often have 10% to 20% more germs than women’s desks.
  • Every time you flush the toilet, “toilet plumes” or tiny waste fragments are released into the air and may enter your mouth. Always flush after lowering the toilet seat!
  • The average office desk is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat, according to studies.
  • Companies that take cleaning more seriously are able to lower worker absence rates. The average annual number of sick days per employee decreased from 7.2 in 1993 to just 4.4 in 2019.
  • One gram of faeces can carry 1 million germs and 10 million viruses, yet 15% of men and 7% of women fail to wash their hands after using the restroom.

Over To You

Commercial Cleaning is a very broad concept. Depending on your business needs, there are different kinds of commercial cleaning services available. To grow business and boost employee morale, Cannon Cleaning can help with commercial cleaning in London, Hertfordshire, Essex and other nearby locations.