Breaking Myths about Commercial End of Lease Cleaning

debunking myths about commercial end of lease cleaning in office
31 Dec 2022

Most of the renters are losing their deposit money because of dirty offices at the time of handover. The regulations governing rentals also stipulate that if the rental is not tidy or organized, the landlord has the authority to keep the security deposit.

You have a responsibility to return the rented office or unit in the same state that you found it when you signed the contract. Normal wear and tear won’t normally be noticed by landlords, but you must fix significant problems before the rental inspection.

The best way to impress your landlord is to hire a reputable firm for a thorough end-of-tenancy cleaning. Of course, you may clean the area, but this kind of cleaning takes greater accuracy, the right equipment, tried-and-tested techniques and end of lease cleaning checklist. We have covered some popular myths regarding commercial end-of-lease cleaning in this blog.

5 Common Commercial End of Lease Cleaning Myths

Myth #1: End-of-lease cleaning is just like regular cleaning

This is untrue since you must make certain that you have left no harm whatsoever before permanently leaving your office. Inch by inch, the landlord will examine the property to determine whether or not you will receive your bond money back.

This suggests that before you leave this property, you will need to take extra care of your carpets, flooring, walls, ceilings, furnishings, fixtures, built-in ovens and microwaves, chimneys, fire escape, stairs, bathroom shelves, kitchen cupboards, and much more.

Myth #2: More cleaning products will deliver better results

The more goods someone uses, they think, the better it is for their office. They believe that adding extra cleaning products or detergent to a soap-and-water solution would help them completely remove all the dirt and stains from their carpets, floors, windows, doors, and every other surface in their office.

But this is not true. You will need to use more water as you use more detergent. As a result, you will just be contaminating your things with dirt and soap which are likely to cause damage to the bulk of them.

As a result, all of your dishes, tables, furniture, and many other surfaces would have an excessive amount of soap and dirt residue.

Myth #3: Cleaning and disinfecting are similar

You will use several cleaning agents and whole different disinfection techniques to clean and disinfect your office. If you want to get the best outcomes possible before you move out of your office permanently, you must carry out both of these tasks.

All surfaces must be cleaned by removing dust, stains, and any obvious spills or filth. Utilizing specially prepared solutions to eradicate the germs that persist throughout your home is the process of surface disinfection.

Myth #4: Disinfectants work almost instantly

Experts in end-of-lease cleaning claim that disinfectants take time to take effect. You won’t notice benefits right away unless you use these disinfectants in steam.

Cleaning experts that routinely handle these duties advise that you sanitize every surface in your office and make sure no one touches it for at least 5 to 10 minutes. The disinfectant must be applied in this manner in order to completely destroy all bacteria, viruses, and pathogens on the surface.

Myth #5: Professional lease cleaning is super costly

One of the most popular commercial end of lease cleaning myths is; hiring a professional cleaning company is costly. This is untrue; while some companies do charge more than others, it is not common. If you have the time to carefully review these organization’s profiles, you can uncover highly skilled commercial cleaners that provide commercial end of lease cleaning services at reasonable prices.

Over to You!

Anyone who wants to receive their deposit returned from their landlord or building owner must do a thorough move-out clean. The safest method is to make a service booking with a reputable cleaning company like Cannon Cleaning. Get commercial cleaning in Hertfordshire, Essex, London and nearby counties by calling us today.

Save yourself the stress and reserve your assured end-of-tenancy cleaning with us! Still, have any commercial cleaning myths in your mind? We have experts to help.