Find out what makes our services stand out

Working around South East England for fifteen years, we offer a complete cleaning contract service covering everything from ground maintenance to washroom cleaning. Our use of new technology, our flexibility and our round-the-clock availability make us a great choice for any commercial cleaning contract.

Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked by prospective clientele.


Do you provide any other cleaning or maintenance services?

Yes we do. We like to pride ourselves on our extensive range of services. We genuinely provide our customers with complete workplace solutions, so even if it’s something you don’t think we do, just ask us, because we probably do!


Do you provide services all year round?

Yes, 365 days a year. We’ve also got enough staff to cover holidays, illnesses and the short term jobs that you may need.


Are you insured for damages?

Yes 100%. We have full policies that protect your goods up to £10,000,000. Our staff are extremely professional but if mishaps do occur, you’re covered anyway.


What sort of training do your operatives go through?

Our operatives go through full health and safety and industry standard training for the services what we offer. They are also retrained regularly to ensure that they are kept completely up to date.


Can I have the same cleaner every time?

Yes, we will train the cleaner up and keep that person on site permanently. Experience has taught us that this is the best way to do things as they can build up a rapport with the customer and always make sure they complete the service just the way you like it.


Is there a minimum amount of time I can hire a cleaner for?

No, all our services are provided on a completely bespoke basis, so no job is too small.


Do you offer a trial period for any of your services?

We offer all our customers a trial period at the beginning of the contract. If you are not happy with our services you can terminate your contract with us.