Debunking Myths about Commercial Floor Cleaning

myths about commercial floor cleaning services for office hard floor
30 Dec 2022

The floor at any business has the most significant surface area. It might be plywood, broad plank hardwood, or luxury vinyl tile. No matter what kind of business flooring you have, installing or replacing it will be a cost. A typical objective is to increase the life of flooring.

Commercial floor cleaners are called in for daily maintenance, recurring stripping, waxing, or extensive cleaning. We hear a lot of myths about commercial cleaning, especially floor cleaning, which discourages business owners from seeking professional help.

This guide is written with the objective to discuss all the popular myths regarding commercial floor cleaning.

6 Common Commercial Floor Cleaning Myths

  1. Allergens are in the air only
  2. Floors are not a safety hazard
  3. Hardwood, vinyl, tile, and concrete don’t need cleaning
  4. Chemicals are bad for our employees’ health
  5. Cleanliness of floors doesn’t impact reputation
  6. Type of chemicals or treatments used to clean floors has zero impact

Myth #1: Allergens are in the air only

One of the most common myths for commercial floor cleaning is allergens are not present on the floors. If you see your staff with general uneasiness, constant eye scratching, or sneezing. Then these are allergy symptoms and cleaning your floors lessens allergens.

Your floors will rapidly become covered with dust, chemicals, dander, pollen, and other allergies. You may get rid of these allergies and continuously ward them off by mopping every day.

By eliminating allergens, you may create a healthier atmosphere that will lessen allergic responses, lessen the need for frequent medical visits, and help you save thousands of dollars on paid sick days and paid time off.

Myth #2: Floors are not a safety hazard

Walk-off mats at entrances and busy intersections will help reduce the amount of salt, dirt, and debris that enters your building. But even with mats, regular foot activity leaves a trail of grime on the floor.

Scratches, some of which are huge and noticeable and others which are finer and smaller, are particularly common on hardwood floors. Tiny scrapes grow into ugly and obvious flaws as material accumulates.

Anyone who enters your business faces a major risk from floors that are damaged or poorly maintained. Injuries at work are primarily caused by slippery floors and damaged surfaces.

A skilled commercial floor cleaning staff is a wise investment to lower risk and responsibility. They are experts at determining whether a floor needs to be stripped, waxed, or completely replaced.

Myth #3: Hardwood, vinyl, tile, and concrete don’t need cleaning

The idea that concrete, hardwood, vinyl, and tile require no care has been marketed to asset management for years, and as a result, end-user discontent with the appearance, health concerns, performance, and maintenance concerns that inevitably come after installation is rising.

A surface that requires no upkeep does not exist. If your floors are used for walking, rolling, or just being there, they must be maintained to ensure a long lifespan.

Hard surface floors require expert maintenance cleaning to keep them looking good and to increase their lifespan since they become filthy easily.

Myth #4: Chemicals are bad for our employees’ health

This is one of the most popular commercial floor cleaning myths​. A professional commercial floor cleaning service provider understands the impact of chemicals on humans. They always make sure your staff are safe and comfortable.

In fact, removing dirt and pollutants from carpets and furniture improves the quality of the air.

Dirty carpets and floors are frequently blamed for weakened immune systems, worsened skin and respiratory conditions, and high levels of stress.

This results in an increase in sick days used by workers, which costs your business money.

Myth #5: Cleanliness of floors doesn’t impact reputation

We heard a similar myth when we were writing our blog on commercial carpet cleaning myths. The standard, not the exception, is for the floors to be clean. If you haven’t cleaned your floors in a long time, you might not remember what a spotless floor looks like. Floors may or may not be a benefit to your operations, depending on the type of your business. They may even end up costing you money.

The floors are evident as soon as you enter a clean building, even for a little moment. The same is true of a neglected structure. You’re more likely to leave the area than stay if the flooring is dirty. That leaves a negative impression.

Myth #6: Type of chemicals or treatments used to clean floors has zero impact

The type of chemical or treatment your floor is exposed to impacts the lifespan of the floor and the health of your employees. Most business owners opt for DIY floor cleaners which results in negative results like easy wear and tear of the flooring.

Over to You!

The floor gives the first impression about your company. Your customers will feel more confident and able to trust you if your company’s flooring is maintained at all times.

You’ll also save money on replacement expenses and keep your staff happy, relaxed, and in good health. You are now free to take care of what you do best, which is concentrate on your business.

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