How to Keep Your Rubber Gym Floor Mats Clean: 4 Simple Steps

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12 Jan 2023

The subfloor and patrons must be protected from harm by the gym flooring. It’s difficult to move around on floors with dropped weights, plates, and functional training exercises. Inadequate flooring will have to be replaced considerably sooner and increase the risk of harm.

6 Types of Gym Flooring Material

  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Foam Workout Mats
  • Plastic PVC Flooring for Gyms
  • Polypropylene Gym Flooring
  • Carpet Gym Flooring

Why is Rubber Flooring Preferred for Gyms?

Rubber flooring have become the first choice for most gym owners as it has more benefits compared to other fitness centre floor types.

  • The primary characteristic of rubber gym flooring is the inclusion of thick rubber material, which guards against damage to the floor or equipment. Risks at fitness centres might include equipment like dumbbells or weights striking the floor, benches being moved, and other hazards.
  • When this occurs, it may damage the floor or the equipment, costing you a lot of money to fix and reducing the amount of equipment you have available. The impact is minimized and cushioned by the thick rubber, avoiding unnecessary harm.

Quick 4 Step Guide to Clean Rubber Gym Flooring Tiles

Below is the guide to clean the floors in your gym which you can also use as gym floor cleaning checklist:

Step #1: Vacuum or Sweep the floor

You must first clear the rubber flooring of any dust and dirt. To remove all the collected dust and debris, use a vacuum cleaner or a soft-bristled broom in this stage.

Unquestionably, a vacuum will produce greater results than a broom and make the following procedure much simpler. Use a rolling vacuum with a soft beater brush instead, since they are less prone to scratch and harm rubber.

Step #2: Handle the hard-to-reach areas

Before continuing, check around and attend to any areas that may need additional care. As individuals move around in their shoes in public gyms, these challenging stains might be stains or sticky and gummy things.

Fitness gym is also a land of spills, so cleaning will require special care. Nobody loves to admit it, but there probably will be a few gums trapped in the corners.

Step #3: Make the cleaning solution

Let’s talk about the items that can be used safely on rubber floors before we get to the mopping stage. We can’t emphasis this enough, but choosing the appropriate cleaning product is essential for getting a spotless floor without doing any harm.

For thorough cleaning, rapid drying, and natural disinfectant properties, a pH-neutral cleanser combined with ideally warm water is the finest cleaning solution for rubber flooring. For mopping solutions, you mostly have two choices: a store-bought cleaner or making your own.

Step #4: Sweep the Floor

Depending on how much dust and dirt your floor gathers, you need to mop the surface either weekly or biweekly to give your gym floor a thorough cleaning.

To clean the rubber gym flooring, you can use a nylon, microfiber, or sponge mop. Make sure you are not over-soaking the floor when cleaning.

In any other case, the subfloor will suffer damage from moisture leaking through the joints.

How often do I need rubber gym floor cleaning?

Depending on how much foot activity your rubber gym floor receives, you should clean it more frequently.

For Home Gym Owners: Your home gym won’t need to be cleaned as regularly as a professional gym floor if you use it exclusively.

We advise home users to mop their floors once a week, use an auto scrubber once a month, and clean their floors every few days.

For Commercial Gym Owners: Commercial gym owners should wash the floor every two to three days and clean the gym every day.

Additionally, an auto scrubber should be utilised at least twice a month. The best option is to get assistance from commercial gym floor cleaning company near you for quick and efficient results.

Why hire professional gym floor cleaning company?

It is preferable to leave cleaning to the professionals, who can design a strategy specifically for your gym. Cannon Cleaning has a team of cleaners that will help you with commercial gym floor cleaning service that use eco-friendly cleaning products to make sure your gym is clean for members to enjoy. If you are looking for commercial cleaning in London, Hertfordshire, Essex, and nearby areas you can contact us.