How to Keep Office Floors Clean during Winter

cannon cleaning team doing office floor cleaning in winter
16 Dec 2022

It’s time to add an extra 10 minutes to your morning routine to defrost the car now that the leaves have fallen off the trees, the evenings are darker, and the days are shorter. It’s time to think about how the winter might affect your office property, especially the flooring, and to decide whether you need to adjust your cleaning routine.

Mud, snow, salt, sand, and other wet waste can make your floors appear sad and neglected when Winter sets in, but they can also put your staff and customers in danger of injury. This blog has some fantastic advice about office floor cleaning in winter that we’ve compiled to stop slips and falls and keep your workplace looking professional.

Tips for office floor cleaning in winter

  • Use Entry Mats: One of the easiest yet most effective things you can do at this time of year to lessen dirt being dragged in all over your flooring is to use high-quality entry mats.

    As visitors enter, they pick up dust and moisture, protecting your carpets and hard surfaces from the worst of the muck.

    Entrance mats require routine cleaning to be functional, but this is especially important during the winter when sand and salt accumulate rapidly and cause clogging.

  • Vacuum More Often: We tend to bombard the issue with a ton of salt, sand, and gravel due to the icy pavements and roads! While this is excellent for reducing slips and other mishaps, it is not good for your carpets and if not maintained over time, can result in damage like fraying.

    During the winter, vacuuming more frequently will help you remove dirt from the carpet before it becomes deeply embedded by walkers’ feet.

  • Hire Professional Floor Cleaners: In addition to normal dirt and debris, the winter months bring with them a unique problem for flooring: salt.

    When combined with moisture, this can dry with a chalky white residue that, if left alone, will permanently discolour both carpets and hard surfaces.

    Make sure to properly mop hard floors regularly. Frequent professional office cleaning will keep stains out of carpets.

  • Safety First: Last but not least, although maintaining your flooring is crucial, protecting your personnel and clients should come first. Remember to utilise the yellow “wet floor” warning signs if your flooring is wet from cleaning or the outside.

Cleaning different types of floors in offices:

  • Hardwood Flooring: As with other fluids and moisture, snow and ice may deform and stain your wood, which is bad for its long-term health and lustre.

    Due to its tendency to break down into small invisible particles that readily assemble on carpets and boot trays, salt is even more difficult to manage and clean than water.

    Additionally, they become trapped in the floor’s crevices and fissures. Usually, repeated cleanings are insufficient to entirely remove it from your property. You may, however, take a number of steps to minimise its interaction with your flooring.

  • Tile Floor: When salt, sand, and dirty mud are frequently dragged in during winter, keeping tile floors appearing new may be difficult. The optimal strategy is professional winter office floor cleaning followed by periodic in-depth cleaning.

    Repairing cracked tiles and grout lines can also assist stop more damage from occurring throughout the winter. Tile flooring may only look clean in the winter by receiving regular cleaning. To keep your tile appearing new in between cleans, contact your tile contractor for a finishing polish recommendation.

  • Carpet Flooring: The issue is that when cleaning, humans have a tendency to simply focus on cleaning areas that are obviously dirty. They frequently skip cleaning the entire carpet area in favour of concentrating just on the stain that is immediately in front of them.

    Don’t only focus on the places that are obviously dirty, or carelessly run the vacuum over the carpet’s surface; instead, have a strategy in mind. Creating a pattern and following it consistently with each carpet is the best method to do this.

    To guarantee that all of the dirt and particles are removed from the carpet fibres, you need to be diligent and go over the whole carpet surface. Some stains will be too greasy or too deep to remove. Our winter office carpet cleaning tips can help with that.

Seek Expert Assistance

If you feel like keeping your workplace clean throughout the winter is a challenging effort to keep up with, invest some additional money and get the professionals to do it for you. Cannon Cleaning provides high-quality, reasonably priced commercial floor cleaning services that can handle all your floor cleaning requirements. Feel free to contact us if you need commercial cleaning in Berkshire, London, Bedfordshire and nearby counties.