How to Clean Gym Equipment in Commercial Gyms

commercial gym equipment cleaning
20 Jan 2023

Gym equipment cleaning is one the most challenging and essential jobs for every gym owner. A great member experience, customer retention, and equipment longevity may all be achieved by knowing the best procedures for cleaning gym apparatus, surfaces, and equipment.

In a study by Fitrated; more than 70% of bacterias on the gym equipment are harmful to humans. Functional, cutting-edge workout equipment is essential to the smooth operation of a gym. Members of today’s gyms want their fitness facilities to have cutting-edge, high-tech equipment with features that cater to their specific requirements and assist them in achieving their fitness objectives.

Explaining to your clients how to clean gym equipment after use is one thing and keeping your gym clean and sanitised is another. This blog covers everything a gym owner needs to know about cleaning different gym equipment.

How to clean gym equipment? 4 most common equipment

1. Treadmill

The easiest approach to clean your treadmill is to use a dry, clean towel to wipe down any perspiration after each workout. Every week, wipe the belt down with a moist cloth and vacuum the area under and around the treadmill. Never use glass cleaner to clean the screen or control panel; always use an electronic cleaner.

2. Stationary Bicycle

Cleaning your bike after every session is very advised. Alternatively, you may prepare your own disinfection solution by combining half a cup of warm water and half a cup of normal white vinegar in a spray bottle.

3. Barbell Set

Wrap your barbell with paper towels that have been soaked in vinegar. Section by section, please. Wrap the paper towels in plastic wrap right away after you’ve used vinegar-soaked paper towels to wrap one part. Let it soak all night. Take the barbell out of the vinegar solution.

With your brass brush, start cleaning your barbell right away. Use a steel brush if the rust is very challenging. To remove as much of the vinegar as possible after the initial brush, rinse the bar with water.

4. Rowing Machine

Taking off all of the plastic covers and cleaning the dust that collects behind them is a great idea for rowing machines. On many versions, the interior is a little trickier to access than the outside. About once per year, the shrouds should be removed and cleaned within.

10 essential products for keeping your gym equipment clean

Here listed gym equipment cleaning supplies are essential if you want to safeguard both your clients and your facility.

  1. Hand Sanitizer
  2. Disinfectant Spray
  3. Sporting Wellness Wipes
  4. Sponges and Scourers
  5. Dustpan and Brush
  6. Yellow Dusters/Microfiber Cloths
  7. Cleaning Brushes
  8. Glass Polishing Cloths
  9. Soap
  10. Protective Gloves
  11. Laundry Detergent

What is covered under the gym cleaning process?

There are several aspects under cleaning of gym equipment that are essential for every gym owner. Below are a few things you should keep in mind while cleaning your gym and its equipment:

1. Cleaning everything from benches to treadmills to remove odours

When eliminating odours, gym staff frequently opts to conceal the scent rather than really get rid of it. You must destroy the cause and clean away any bacteria that may be generating the smell in order to thoroughly resolve the issue. An excellent tool for cleaning anything from seats to treadmills is a “steam cleaner.” Exercise balls, machine handles, and even dumbbells may all be cleaned with it.

2. Cleaning exercise equipment

It has been customary in many gyms for customers to clean off their equipment using towels after usage. Even while it dries up any perspiration on the machine, this does nothing to eliminate germs and may even transfer bacteria from one machine to another.

If you don’t currently offer paper towels and sanitizing spray to gym patrons, adding these cleaning supplies could help stop the spread of germs. It is a good idea to make sure that a staff member regularly cleans each machine. It could be a good idea to post a cleaning schedule and have staff members sign it after each clean.

3. Cleaning the toilets and locker rooms

A gym’s toilets should be cleaned often, just like any other public facility. It’s simple to understand why adequately cleaning the space is crucial when we think about how many sweaty individuals use the toilets and changing rooms at gyms on a regular basis. Establish a cleaning plan and make sure a staff member regularly checks the sauna rooms and locker rooms to ensure standards are being upheld.

4. Cleaning the Gym’s Carpeted Areas

Keeping gym floor clean if it has carpet may be difficult, especially when you take spills from protein shakes and energy drinks into account.

You can get rid of tough stains with a carpet extractor that won’t come out with manual scrubbing. Utilising water and a specialised solution, the stain will be lifted from the carpet’s backing.

Over To You

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