The Importance of Gym Cleanliness & Hygiene

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02 Feb 2023

Owners of commercial gyms must maintain their facilities as clean as possible. It is simple for germs to accumulate and spread throughout your gym when several individuals use the same equipment.

Why it’s important to keep your gym clean?

According to IHRSA research report, 56% of gym members expect their gym to be free of germs. Keeping your commercial gym clean and disinfected on a regular basis can help you to keep the gym clients and staff healthy.

This post is written with the objective to help you understand reasons why gym cleaning is important to run your gym efficiently and easily.

6 Benefits of Clean and Organized Gyms

  1. Positive Impression on Visitors: A clean gym will build an amazing first impression on your clients. Most people visit the gym to get healthy, and a dirty environment can impact their choice to visit your gym again. They will have concerns about their health in a dirty gym. Hence a spotless gym will ensure client happiness and a good impression resulting in more clientele and profits.

  2. Acquire Member Retention: Making sure you’re taking the required steps to ensure a clean atmosphere is one of the finest methods to keep members and your present membership base satisfied. By selling memberships and guaranteeing that its customers use them for their health and exercise demands on a monthly and annual basis, gyms stay in business.

  3. To Prevent the Spread of Bacteria and Diseases: Eliminating bacteria and germs is one of the major benefits of hiring a professional commercial cleaning company to clean your gym. Weights, equipment, mats, and every other surface like floor in a gym can harbour bacteria.

    Due to heavy foot-traffic, it is especially important to pay attention for gym floor cleaning. Using industrial-grade cleaning tools is crucial since wiping off these objects won’t get rid of microorganisms.

  4. Professional Cleaning keeps the place hygienic: It is quite conceivable that sick people might be transmitting germs while working out because many people who have diseases like the flu or a cold are infectious before symptoms appear. A healthier atmosphere is produced through frequent cleaning to reduce exposure to germs and illnesses.

  5. Improve Equipment Lifespan: Unplanned equipment downtime might result in disgruntled consumers and even membership lapses.

    The equipment can deteriorate with time, but one of the simplest ways to extend its lifespan is frequent gym equipment cleaning, the bearings periodically oiled, and having any fabric in excellent condition and fixed or replaced as needed. The gym’s equipment will ultimately need to be replaced, but you can optimise your investment by making sure it’s cleaned carefully and on a regular basis.

  6. Enhance Workout Experience: It is no secret that people at the gym sweat profusely, and a lot of them. Even while it is required to wipe off gym equipment after each use, this is not sufficient to keep it clean.

    Cleaning experts have access to items that they may use every day to keep equipment looking like new. Gym users value mirrors since they can better observe their form while working out thanks to them. Smudged, dust-covered, and dirty mirrors are unattractive and may deter customers from joining your gym.

How often do commercial gym need to be cleaned?

All of your exercise equipment should be thoroughly cleaned at least once every two weeks. By doing this, you can be confident that no part of your area will be contaminated by a large group of people.

Depending on the amount of foot activity in your area, you should preferably disinfect many times each day. You must continuously check the state of the air in your gym and clean as necessary at certain intervals.

To achieve the highest level of cleanliness when it comes to sweeping, it would assist if you performed it at least twice each day. You can read our detailed post about the gym cleaning checklist for better clarity.

Is it expensive to hire commercial gym cleaners?

No, comparing hiring local workers versus hiring a commercial gym cleaning company can indeed result in cost savings. You have to provide medical insurance, retirement savings plan, and any other benefits that your other employees are aware of when you recruit an internal cleaning crew. This goes beyond just adding them to the payroll.

If one of your cleaning staff members quits, you must also handle team member turnover. You only pay for the cleaning services when you hire a cleaning service. The savings, if you do the maths and analyse the figures, might be significant and benefit the financial health of your gym.

Professional gym cleaning services offer several advantages

At Cannon Cleaning, we are aware that people who use gyms are turned off by cluttered and unclean facilities. As a result, we know how to implement suitable procedures to enhance hygiene and thoroughly clean a gym.

We are passionate about fostering a good atmosphere for both visitors and employees since we believe that exercise should be a fun and safe pastime. Get in touch with us for commercial gym cleaning services in Kent, London, Surrey and nearby areas.

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