Healthcare Cleaning Specialists

If you work in a healthcare environment, you will be very aware of the hygiene standards required to keep your premise CQC complaint. At Cannon Cleaning we will help you make sure your premise remains on top of all health and safety regulations.

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Healthcare Cleaning

If you work in a healthcare environment you will be very aware of the hygiene standards required to keep your premise CQC complaint.

Particularly in premises such as hospitals and GP surgeries, viruses can spread at an alarming rate if cleaning is not done thoroughly. At Cannon Cleaning we will help you make sure your premise remains on top of all health and safety regulations.

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What's included in our Healthcare Cleaning Service?

In a critical industry like healthcare, cleanliness is essential for the health and welfare of your patients or residents, thus your facilities must be spotless. Cannon Cleaning equips you with day-to-day assistance so you may focus on your patients while maintaining quality and staying within your budget.

Doctors’ offices, dental practices, veterinary practices, and personal healthcare centres are among our existing healthcare clients, for whom we provide daily sanitization and clinical cleaning services. Only the greatest standards of cleanliness and sanitation are appropriate, whether the patient is human or animal.

We specialize in offering the finest quality and expert medical cleaning services in London, Hertfordshire and surrounding counties. Our cleaners will work with you to create a timetable that suits you and your team, minimizing disturbance during the working day as much as feasible. Cleaning that meets, and exceeds CQC standards in hygiene. This is important to help avoid healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)

We have over 21 years of cleaning expertise and understand what it takes to maintain a clean hospital. We provide a huge spectrum of medical cleaning services, including:

  1. Infection Prevention
  2. Electrostatic Cleaning
  3. Hard Floor Cleaning and Maintenance
  4. Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Deep Cleaning
  5. Daily Cleaning of Hospitals, Clinic and Vets
  6. Cleaning services as per UK Cleaning Standard
  7. Cleaning services for Clean Rooms
  8. Weekly / Monthly Deep Cleaning Services
  9. Operating rooms, Labs, Bio Cleaning
  10. Laundry and Waste disposal
  11. Disinfection of Medical Gadgets
  12. Window and Outdoor Area Cleaning
  13. Cleaning of Patient rooms
  14. Cleaning services for the Lounge and Waiting Area
  15. Janitorial Supplies and the Supply of Consumables

Client Satisfaction is Important to Us

Ezequiel Robledo
Ezequiel Robledo
Great company to work. I’m former Operations Area Manager, and I have enjoyed working with them during my time. Also I didn’t seen many companies with that high level of compromise with customers and employees like Cannon Cleaning. Fully recommend they service.
April Holmes
April Holmes
We have been using Cannon Cleaning for over a year now. We are very happy with their service from Management, Accounts and Cleaners. They are reliable and reasonably priced.
Gary Bartram
Gary Bartram
Our cleaner comes in after office hours and is very thorough with his cleaning. He is also very respectful and does not disturb us if he sees that we are in a meeting or busy.
Isabel King
Isabel King
Ashley and Zee have been great to deal with. Always very on hand and quick to resolve any issues we have.
Cannon Cleaning have been cleaning our office for a few months now and we are so appreciative for their attention to detail, excellent communication & overall brilliant service, we couldn't be happier.
Stephen Brazier
Stephen Brazier
Cannon Cleaning have been cleaning the Church Hall premises since 2019. They have proved reliable and efficient. Any minor issues have been dealt with quickly and professionally. Very happy with the standard of both cleaning and overall service from this company. Recommendable.
vardan p
vardan p
Great company to work with and very professional people. What I love especially is the monthly check ups, they actually visit the sites and check on things, make notes on their system if there's anything to improve on and follow up the following month to make sure they've been done. Great service guys, keep it up
Natasha Chetty
Natasha Chetty
Our Business has been working with Cannon Cleaning for 3+ years the management team, especially Ezequiel, has always been very understanding and has gone above and beyond to deliver a good service.
Claire Bennett
Claire Bennett
Cannon Cleaning & their team working in my office are very efficient & friendly, even when faced with horrible tasks. I would highly recommend.

Why Choose Cannon Cleaning for Hospital Cleaning Services?

Thanks to our decades of expertise and knowledge, we can deliver a more effective, efficient service that saves your hospital time and money, decreases staff absenteeism, and enhances performance and productivity. We are continually introducing more comprehensive solutions, increasing the professional abilities of our team, and enhancing the quality of life at work for our employees because healthcare is by nature an inventive sector.


Our company emphasises the critical necessity of security and, as a result, strictly adheres to security regulations set out by customers, which are included in each employee’s induction programme.

Highly Trained Cleaners

We understand your needs and worries, especially when it comes to cleaning, so your property will be safe in our hands. You may rely on a competent crew that is well-trained and reliable to provide dependable high-quality medical cleaning services.


Our ability to supply you with regular cleaning will go a long way toward ensuring the safety of your patients and will relieve any tension that an employee may be experiencing due to the possibility of infection.


Cannon Cleaning Services has a cutting-edge tracking system to guarantee that all of our services are completed on time. To ensure that all of the specific cleaning chores are completed and meet our high standards, we conduct comprehensive checklist audits.

Eco-Friendly Clinical Cleaning Services

To safeguard you, your health, and the environment, Cannon Cleaning Services employs premium-grade, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. Many of these solutions are manufactured entirely of biodegradable plant-based materials and do not leave any toxic chemical residue after cleaning. We are delighted to be an ecologically sustainable and responsible healthcare cleaning company in London that can compete on pricing with firms that use less eco-friendly alternatives

COVID-19 Control

Our electrostatic disinfection service is another one of our highlights. Covid-19 is a persistent problem across the world, and electrostatic spraying is the most effective approach to rid your company of Covid and other germs. The spray produced can reach areas of your hospital, dental practice, or surgery that would otherwise be inaccessible, providing full disinfection.

Customer Retention

As a healthcare cleaning agency, Cannon Cleaning Services is happy to have a significant number of long-term clients and workers that have helped to the company’s success in London by prioritising customer loyalty and employee retention. We take pleasure in our great client retention rate. This ensures that our clients receive consistent service.

100% Customer Satisfaction Assurance

Cannon Cleaning services endeavours to provide our customers with high-quality medical cleaning services. Please notify us within 24 hours of the cleaning if there is anything that does not match your expectations. We will return as soon as possible to re-clean the region or correct the problem at no additional charge to you.

FAQs About Healthcare Cleaning

  • When do you plan to arrive on-site for clinic cleaning services?

    We take a very flexible approach and will come to your location for clinic cleaning services whenever it is most convenient for you. This might happen in the morning before any of your employees come, during the day, or after everyone has departed for the day.

  • Do you provide training to your employees?

    Yes. All supervisors and managers get extensive training to ensure that the facilities under their supervision are managed in accordance with our principles and requirements. Each of our cleaning employees undergoes extensive in-house and on-the-job training in all areas necessary for them to do their jobs effectively. Their first training and induction covers all health and safety problems as well as major corporate rules.

  • Is it possible for you to open, lock, and alert the hospital?

    Yes. This is a standard hospital cleaning service that we provide to all of our clients, big and small. This allows us to clean up efficiently as people are aware of the cleaning activity, causing the least amount of interruption to your employees and patients.

  • Do you bring your own cleaning supplies?

    Yes. Everything. That means you won’t have to waste time buying, taking out, or managing supplies.

  • How do you recognise your employees?

    All of our employees are required to carry identification and wear our company-branded uniforms. Our logo is also displayed on personalised vehicles.

In Need Of Cleaning Services? We’ve Got You Covered.

Our healthcare and medical cleaning service will assist you in making your healthcare centre a safe place to operate while also preserving your capacity to safeguard your patients. We acknowledge that patients ultimately come first for you, therefore we will do everything we can to assist you in protecting your patients and ensuring that your medical centre is the perfect destination for them to be.

Office & Commercial Cleaning
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