How to develop proper cleaning habits in the office

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13 Oct 2022

Cleanliness is one of the most significant factors that affect office productivity. In fact, one’s ability to concentrate, feel well, and behave well can all be severely impacted by a messy, disorganised workplace. Not to mention how dirt and clutter may quickly turn into health risks when left unattended.

The issue is that everyone has a different cleaning and organising routine. There of chances of common office cleaning mistakes to happen, because one individual could be more meticulous about maintaining order in their workstation, whilst another person might be a little more careless. This makes maintaining a spotless office a bit challenging.

Fortunately, there are easy fixes that can influence office cleaning practises. Here are some office cleaning habits to keep in mind so that you and your employees may maintain a setting that encourages effectiveness and efficiency:

  1. Integrate brand identity and employees’ personal hygiene

    Working in accordance with the brand identity is required of everyone in the office. Everyone will contribute to maintaining the office’s cleanliness if cleanliness is made a part of the culture.

    Everyone should be accountable for maintaining a clean and organised workstation in addition to hiring a professional cleaner on a regular basis.

  2. Set a Good Example

    Most important cleaning habits in office is to lead with an example, you need to set an example for everyone else in the company if you want to modify their cleaning practises. Be the change you wish to see, as the saying goes.

    Make it a point to avoid eating at your work desk if that is how people have traditionally done it. Invite everyone to the designated eating places when mealtimes arrive.

    If there are others who don’t recycle according to the rules, show off your efforts more. Even better, you may designate a recycling day when you collect and sort all recyclables for delivery to the appropriate facilities.

  3. Keep cords obscured from view

    Even when the office is well-organized, things might occasionally appear disorganised. The likely offender? Clear and tangled cables and cords.

    Get accustomed to utilising wireless keyboards, mouse, and other devices to keep everything appearing streamlined. Invest in wire organisers or holders for devices and appliances that require wires to function.

    Things will seem much more organised after the cables and cords are out of the way. Additionally, there are less tripping risks, making it considerably safer.

  4. Cut down on the paper trail

    Paper is one of the greatest offenders when it comes to office clutter. In the office, paper waste abounds from sticky notes and folders to printed emails and envelopes.

    Thankfully, paper scraps may be recycled. Sadly, not all paper waste is disposed of in the waste bin. Some of them end up stowed away in file cabinets or on top of desks, entirely forgotten and taking up space.

    It’s advisable to use less paper overall in order to avoid the accumulation of paper trash. For instance, a paper copy of an email is typically not required. Bring it up on your computer or even your phone if you need to refer to its contents.

  5. Offer tissues, sanitizer, and clean wipes

    Some businesses have just one hand sanitizer available in the restroom. Provide tissues, cleaning wipes, and hand sanitizers to your staff so that the workplace is clean.

    Make this easily accessible to everyone in the office so they may wash their hands whenever they need to without going to the restroom.

    Let’s assume that after putting out the garbage, a member of your staff wishes to wash their hands.

    Ideally, hand sanitizers should be placed at the entrance and exit of your office. They will be reminded to routinely wash their hands by doing this.

  6. Create a Digital File Organizing System

    One of the most important cleaning habits in office is to keep things organised, you should create a method for organising digital information. If you don’t, your files might end up looking just as messy as their paper counterparts.

    Digital files can be organised in a variety of ways, including by name, date, and project. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages, and your final decision will be based on how your business is run.

    Organizing your files by name, for instance, might help you be more particular. For files that have a deadline or are tied to finances, organising by date is more beneficial. Last but not least, if your company’s departments frequently collaborate, organising by the project is perfect.

  7. Frequent Deep Cleaning

    Cleaning more frequently is one of the finest ways to promote and foster a culture of cleanliness in the workplace. You might wish to add a midday or afternoon cleaning session if you have a pre-opening and post-closing cleaning plan.

    Deep cleaning of your workplace is also a good idea, especially for employees’ wellbeing. Contact the professional cleaners you’ve engaged to see what type of arrangements might be made.

    Everyone in the office will grow increasingly adverse to dirt and mess as they become accustomed to a cleaner atmosphere. In the end, this could cause them to alter their cleaning routine.

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