Which Office Cleaning Mistakes do You Need to Avoid?

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10 Feb 2023

You can be already taking office cleaning for granted without even being aware of it. According to a Labour Force Survey report, In 2019-20, more than 1.5 million workers suffered from ill health because of contamination in workplace. That is why you should have knowledge of the proper cleaning habits in office and various spaces in your workplace because you are a responsible employer.

There are several office cleaning mistakes that happen frequently; despite their seeming insignificance, they can end up costing you money, time, and energy. Here are 10 frequent office cleaning mistakes that are costing your company money, so make sure you’re addressing your workplace cleanliness head-on and preventing issues.

10 Common Office Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Here is a list of common office cleaning mistakes that every business owner should avoid:

1. Wrong usage of cleaning materials

Every surface type has a particular cleaning need. You can keep your surroundings clean and safe by using the appropriate cleaning product on the appropriate surface. On the other hand, applying the incorrect cleaning agents might harm some fabrics and leave behind lasting stains or ugly patches.

2. Using cleaning equipment incorrectly

Different cleaning equipment and supplies are needed for various surfaces and materials. Damage might occur from using the incorrect kind, quantity, or both. You won’t achieve the intended outcomes and the cleaning procedure won’t be as effective, at the very least.

In order to avoid worrying about making mistakes, you should wait until your janitors arrive to do the task. There are, however, instances where you must manage the cleaning on your own. In that scenario, don’t be afraid to seek advice from the experts.

3. Irregular disposal of garbage

One of the most common mistakes to avoid in office cleaning is not disposing of your garbage bags daily. Your waste container becomes useless if it begins to overflow. For waste bins to function properly, they must be emptied.

Waste bins should be emptied daily to avoid attracting rats, insects, and smells, all of which will decrease workplace productivity. By routinely cleaning your workplace garbage containers, you can ensure that you are not losing money due to constant distractions.

4. Dry dusting of furniture

Cleaning experts have cautioned that using a dry cloth to dust furniture is like scrubbing your skin with sandpaper.

The Block’s interior designers claim that “dry dusting” damages hardwood surfaces by dragging minute particles of detritus over the top, causing the finish to chip and tables, chairs, and cupboards to tarnish over time.

However, using a dry towel to clean is not only bad for the appearance; it could be more efficient and might have detrimental effects on your health.

5. Poor office equipment cleaning

Different offices have different equipment and each piece of equipment requires a unique way of cleaning. For example; you can not clean your computers with water; you need special cleaning for that. But cleaning all the electronic instruments with computer cleaners can affect the lifetime of the equipment.

As a result, it is important to understand the products and cleaning procedures of different office equipment.

6. Cleaning of visible areas only

For fragile fabrics, spot cleaning is fantastic. But in an organisation or office? Not really. In fact, you must deep clean your workplace in an effective and efficient way.

Keep in mind that there are many places in a workplace that are concealed where dirt, dust, and grime can accumulate. Table bottoms, the area beneath furniture, and the individual blind panels are a few examples. If you don’t thoroughly clean your workstation, you might encourage the growth of germs, fungus, and viruses, which could lead to allergies and other illnesses.

You should thus thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your office, especially those that aren’t obvious at first glance. Although you don’t have to clean them every day, make sure they are frequently maintained. You can create an office cleaning checklist to make sure all the areas are covered.

7. Avoiding window cleaning

A warm, wet environment is what mould prefers for a habitation, and the condensation on your windows provides the ideal environment for mould to thrive. You must discover a reliable method to get rid of the germs since mould from the windows can worsen allergies and cause respiratory diseases.

Additionally, dirt and debris accumulate rapidly on windowsills and might pose a greater health danger than you might think. Your windows collect dust, hair, skin, pollen, and other allergens, which can lead to a variety of allergic responses, including: fatigue, nausea, runny nose, itchy eyes, coughing, and headache.

8. Cleaning during office hours

Cleaning during office hours can be a distraction for your employees. We all have meetings during office hours and nobody wants the sound of vacuum cleaners or other types of equipment in the background.

Also, some types of equipment will not be cleaned to avoid disturbance to the employees. For example, you can not ask your workers to leave their desks for cleaning during their working hours especially if they have client calls.

9. Dirty floor

Visitors to the location are always observant of dirty floors. Additionally, it gives the wrong image of those who accidentally clean the area. In addition, the buildup of dirt and waste on the floor might lead to infections and an unpleasant atmosphere.

Since carpet is formed of fibres, it performs an excellent job of functioning as a filter, capturing air contaminants that might harm your general health, including smoking, bacteria, chemicals, pollen, fungus, and other residues. Regular carpet cleaning can assist to get rid of these hidden contaminants and can also mask offensive odours.

10. Vacuuming everything

Some individuals believe that a vacuum cleaner takes care of all office cleaning. However, you might wish to purchase additional cleaning supplies, such as stain remover. This will make it easier to maintain a clean office environment. On some surfaces, a hoover might not be able to get rid of all the dust.

Before vacuuming the workplace, desks, and tables should be cleaned with a microfibre cloth. After cleaning, don’t forget to empty the vacuum.

Over To You!

We hope now you have the answer for what are office cleaning mistakes. These typical cleaning mistakes may be avoided to help you save time, money, and stress.

Refrain from making these mistakes and keep in mind that it is always preferable to contact an office cleaning company when a problem is too large to handle on your own. Get in touch with us if you require commercial cleaners in Essex, Kent, London and other nearby suburbs.

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