7 Office Cleaning Challenges that Every Business Face

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25 Jan 2023

Keeping a business property clean and well-maintained is a major obligation if you own, rent, or manage the space. You may employ a reputable cleaning business to handle this task rather than having to perform the cleaning yourself.

This alternative has several benefits, not the least of which is that our commercial cleaning company can assist you with some challenging cleaning issues.

What are office cleaning problems and solutions

Here are 7 office cleaning problems and solutions:

Problem #1: Working without a plan

Yes, you read it right, professional cleaning needs a proper plan and strategy. Commercial offices are huge; there are so many places to clean. And an amateur cleaning service provider will start the process without thinking and planning. This leads to a huge waste of time, resources, and money.

Our Solution:

Our team of efficient and experienced cleaners plan everything in advance. We understand your requirements and plan the cleaning process so that we complete the job on time without disturbing any of your employees.

Problem #2: Cleaners not showing up on time

When something or someone doesn’t arrive at the scheduled time, we all have a tendency to become a bit irritated. Even worse is when they simply fail to appear. Yes, there are times when events take place that are completely beyond our control. But things become a little shaky when we don’t receive a call or email informing us of their delay.

Our Solution:

We have a mobile attendance system that informs us when our cleaners arrive and depart from your site. This keeps us ahead of any potential issues. We also have backup cleaners who are familiar with the location (have already received training there) and know all your requirements.

Problem #3: Poor communication

A commercial cleaning company simply cannot provide the quality of service that makes them worth maintaining if they are unable to properly communicate with either you, or their own staff. Maybe your cleaning service concentrates on the wrong things. Perhaps your cleaning service keeps a low profile because they assume that by avoiding communication they will avoid the problems. They could be concerned that if they get in touch with you, you might air a grievance you’ve been holding in.

Our Solution:

We always welcome comments from customers, positive or negative, as it is our duty to do to ensure we are matching your expectations. To ensure that our cleaners are aware of their responsibilities and are set up for success, we have a predetermined strategy and routine.

Problem #4: Absence of effective quality assurance systems in cleaning companies

One of the most popular challenges with professional office cleaning companies is the lack of a proper system for quality assurance. They don’t know how to measure the work of their employees and hence they have no reliable ways to improve their efficiency and standards.

Our Solution:

We are quite proud of the standard of our work, and we keep tabs on it by holding each other accountable. Our Area Managers are always available to handle all your queries and issues that could come up. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the client is satisfied with our cleaning services and to resolve any difficulties that may arise.

Problem #5: Lack of training

When it comes to a lack of training, it frequently relates to cleaners not getting enough instruction on all the most recent cleaning tools, supplies, and technology. This may include items like microfiber towels, environmentally friendly cleaning products, etc.

It could also involve the right cleaning procedures or methods, such as ensuring that the toilets are cleaned first because they are frequently the dirtiest area of a company.

Our Solution:

When new cleaning techniques are introduced, we at Cannon Cleaning teach our staff on the finest methods currently in use.

It’s crucial to find out if the cleaning company you’re considering to use trains its employees on-site or if they just throw them in at the deep end.

Problem #6: Missed Areas/Incomplete work

The majority of office buildings are fairly large and have a wide variety of issues that need to be resolved. During a routine clean, some places might frequently be missed, For instance, the cleaning staff might clear the rubbish every day, but they generally won’t regularly clean hard-to-reach areas in routine cleaning.

Our Solution:

A thorough cleaning system is developed for the entire office. We measure and create a rota for each space before sending a proposal to your office. Then we choose how frequently it needs to be cleaned. For instance, it will probably be necessary to empty the rubbish bins every day. On the other hand, the printer stands, bookshelves, and office chairs could only require cleaning once each month.

Problem #7: Less online presence

Most companies have no presence on the Internet. They don’t have a genuine website, profile, credibility, reputation, or reviews online. This makes it difficult for their potential clients to trust them and hire them. Another problem is the availability of contact information. Sometimes it gets difficult for a customer to find the correct contact details of a cleaning company.

Our Solution:

Cannon Cleaning loves to showcase its work online. We have a well-maintained website and online presence where you can check the portfolio and testimonials from our clients anytime. Also, we have mentioned our contact details on the website clearly so that you can get in touch with us at any time.

It’s Your Decision!

After reading this post, perhaps you have a better idea of the kinds of issues you could run across with a commercial cleaning company and how Cannon Cleaning handles them. Get in touch with us if you require commercial cleaners in Surrey, London, Berkshire, and nearby counties. You should call us right away if you have any queries at all.

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