Why Office Carpet Cleaning Should Never be Overlooked

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22 Apr 2022

It can be easy to forget about keeping your office clean. With a myriad of “bits and bobs” cluttering up desk space, and filing cabinets overflowing with old documents, it’s a wonder anything else ever gets a look in. Something that does deserve your attention, however, is the carpet. Here, Cannon Cleaning outlines why office carpet cleaning should be a priority in your workplace.

Why to do office carpet cleaning? 3 Benefits

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Health
  3. Longevity


Having a clean, smart carpet can make a great first impression. While visitors are unlikely to focus on your carpet as they enter the room, a dirty, run-down one can definitely make a poor impression. A well maintained floor helps to convey a professional attitude, and can provide an excellent backdrop to the rest of your office. The chances are, you’ll want your visitors and customers to see you in an efficient, professional way; a clean, presentable carpet helps with that.

Carpets are something of a magnet for hair, dust, and general dirt. Consider the amount of people who walk through your office everyday; the vast majority of those people will, at some point, have been outside. Without the necessity to take your shoes off in the office, the floor can become rife with dirt. Think of it this way, you’d want to give your home carpets a clean under the same circumstances!


It’s something that people do like to emphasise, and has become a bit of a cliché, but carpets are the perfect environment for germs and bacteria. Often, simply running a vacuum cleaner once around a floor space won’t have much of an impact in this respect. Opting for office carpet cleaning, however, ensures that your floor is cleared of any undesirable intruders.

It is very important to provide a healthy working environment for all of your staff, and maintaining a clean carpet is an easy way to help that. Don’t allow the germs and bacteria to build up in your workplace; hire an office carpet cleaning service.


While maintaining the appearance and health of your office carpet is important, another essential consideration is centred on finances. Regular office carpet cleaning without making common mistakes can extend the life of your business’ floor space. It can be a significant inconvenience to have to replace a carpet, so taking the time to have it cleaned regularly is likely to save you money in the long run.

How cannon cleaning can help you?

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