School Cleaning Checklist: Things to Keep in Mind

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23 Feb 2023

Schools have a lot of natural dangers. Here, we are dealing with young children who are susceptible to contracting illnesses relatively immediately. Even the most isolated places that you keep dirty might serve as a breeding ground for germs and illnesses.

A cleaning schedule will help you understand the importance of school cleaning and provide you with clear instructions on what has to be cleaned and disinfected in each area of your school.

School Cleaning Checklist: Area-wise Cleaning Procedures

8 Area-wise school cleaning procedures checklist as following:

1. Reception Area & Entrances

Your reception area will be the first point of contact for parents, visitors or any other guests, so installing a hand sanitiser would be beneficial. Additionally, you might want to keep extra disposable masks on hand.

Here is the reception area school cleaning checklist:

  • Clean the tables.
  • Clean the seats, computer equipment, and communal stationery.
  • Clean the light switches and door knobs.
  • Bins should be emptied.
  • Clean the ledges, doors, windows, and skirting boards.
  • Clean hard flooring.
  • Carpets and welcome mats should be steam-cleaned.

2. School Corridors

The most contaminated areas are likely to be the corridors, even when COVID is not present. Make sure a hand sanitizer is accessible for employees and students to use in these places.

A schedule for daily cleaning of corridors in schools:

  • All the light switches, and door knobs should be disinfected.
  • Clean the walls, ledges, and windows.
  • Empty out any waste bins.

3. Classrooms

Even though not all of your classes may be used on a daily basis, frequent cleaning is still necessary. In classrooms that are utilised every day, thorough cleaning should be done. This will guarantee that frequently touched surfaces are thoroughly sanitised, stopping the spread of COVID and other infections.

School classroom cleaning checklist:

  • Sanitise all desktops, chairs, doorknobs, and floors.
  • To kill germs, steam clean carpets.
  • Clear out the waste bins in the classrooms.
  • Sanitise the black board, chalk box, markers, and dusters.
  • Glass dividers should be disinfected.
  • Clean any old equipment or stationery.
  • Spot-clean the walls.

4. Staff Room

Your staff room might not need as much deep cleaning as other places because teachers maintain basic hygiene. Still it is important to deep clean the entire area weekly.

Staff room cleaning schedule:

  • Clean the sinks, kitchen countertops, tables, door knobs, and light switches.
  • Sanitise coffee makers, refrigerators, toasters, kettles, etc.
  • Clean windows, ledges, cabinets, and chairs.
  • Bins need to be cleaned.
  • Cleaning should be done on hard surfaces.
  • It’s important to steam vacuum carpets.
  • TVs and monitors must be cleaned.

5. Dining Facilities

After each use, dining areas should be cleaned. Cleaning responsibilities may be available to your culinary team. However, have additional disposable face masks and hand sanitisers on hand in these locations.

Dining room cleaning checklist:

  • Disinfect all the chairs and tables.
  • Sanitise the doorknobs, handles, and light switches.
  • Clean the skirting boards.
  • Spot-clean the walls.
  • Clean the floors of the dinning area.

6. Offices and Library

The Admin Office and Library in your school are sometimes overlooked when it comes to deep cleaning. As a result, we have created a separate checklist for these areas as well.

A school cleaning plan for the library or offices:

  • Clean the desktops, chairs, doorknobs, doors, and light switches.
  • Sanitise shared stationery.
  • Clean the IT equipment.
  • Clean hard surfaces and steam-vacuum carpets.
  • Clean the ledges, skirting boards, and windows.
  • Clean and empty waste bins.

7. Sports Facilities and Halls

Your school may have delayed sporting events and significant assemblies for a while due to COVID, but your sports facilities and halls could still be in use. This implies frequent thorough cleaning should be done in addition to daily cleaning duties.

Sports facilities and halls daily cleaning checklist:

  • Sanitise the doors and door knobs.
  • Clean the ledges and windows.
  • If you use sporting equipment, clean it.
  • Scrub the flooring.
  • Wipe any seats.

8. Toilets

Even prior to COVID, it’s probable that toilets were on your school cleaning checklist and that they were kept to a high degree of cleanliness. Cleaning services should maintain daily cleaning of toilets as well as frequent inspections throughout the day because germs flourish there.

Checklist for cleaning the school toilets:

  • Disinfect the taps, sinks, urinals, and toilets.
  • Sanitise all cubicle doors and door knobs.
  • Place soap dispensers for washing.
  • Clean the windows and walls.
  • Scrub the floor.
  • Refill the liners and empty the bins.
  • If used, sanitise the hand dryers.

FAQs about School Cleaning Plan

How often should I clean the school?

In every school, daily cleaning is required for frequently touched things. Additionally, periodic deep cleaning of the walls, drapes, windows, etc. is also important.

How to establish a checklist for school cleaning?

List down all the areas in your school and divide them into 3 categories: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. This list should be as per the time kids or teachers spend there. For example, classrooms will come under daily cleaning.

What is the purpose of a school cleaners checklist?

A cleaning checklist for your school will help you to keep track of all the things that require cleaning. There are some areas that require daily cleaning while others require weekly or monthly cleaning. You can plan the cleaning of all the areas of your school effectively.

Over To You

After knowing the checklist for school cleaning, you might be thinking to hire professional school cleaning contractors. Professional cleaners can ensure that exactly which areas require daily cleaning.

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