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Support Services

In addition to our core cleaning services we also provide support services to help our clients maintain their facilities to the highest standard possible.

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Electrostatic Disinfection Spraying

This service is the ‘Best in Class’ approach at fighting against Covid-19 outbreaks within the workplace. Read our brochure to find out more.

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Electrostatic Spray Service

Floor and Carpet Cleaning Services

A dirty, grimy or dusty carpet can have a negative impact on the aesthetics of your building, while a scratched wooden or concrete floor can make your offices appear shabby. Give your old flooring a new lease of life with our floor and carpet cleaning services. We can clean any type of floor, from a straightforward service for a carpeted surface to a more specialised one for marble, wood, linoleum or vinyl.

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Carpet Cleaning Floor Cleaning

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning Services

If you are moving out of a commercial property at the end of lease and need the place restored to its former glory. We are happy to help! Similar to a builders clean, we will deep clean your entire property so it is ready for the next tenant.

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End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning

Washroom Hygiene Services

Cannon Cleaning provide services such as sanitary waste management (feminine hygiene bins), air care, and medical waste removal. Contact us to find out more about our washroom range.

Washroom Services

Window Cleaning Services

If your windows are smudged or dirty, they can actually have a negative impact on the overall look of your premises, making them look unattractive and worse, unprofessional. Through our use of traditional window cleaning techniques, coupled with a modern ‘reach and wash’ style, Cannon Cleaning can help bring the shine back to your premise.

window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Electrostatic Disinfection Services

Electrostatic Disinfection Image
  • What are electrostatic disinfection services?

    This disinfection method involves the use of an electrostatically charged spraying device that disinfects all surfaces and objects within your property. A disinfection solution is ionised and mixed with air by an electrode within the sprayer which helps the chemical to wrap around ALL surfaces.

  • How long does electrostatic disinfection last?

    Within minutes of contact, the TECcare CONTROL solution we use to spray is confirmed to destroy 99.99 percent of encapsulated viruses, including COVID-19. For up to 30 days, all surfaces are protected by our electrostatic disinfection spray service. To guarantee that your property is quickly cleaned, we offer 24/7 call-outs.

  • Are electrostatic sprayers effective against Covid?

    It takes substantial effort and is of utmost importance to protect your company against Covid-19. The use of electrostatic spray disinfection can be quite beneficial in the fight against COVID-19. Electrostatic sprays can swiftly cover a vast area of your high-traffic locations, and it can get to places that no other disinfection equipment can.

  • Is a fogger the same as an electrostatic sprayer?

    Microbes in the air and on any surfaces they contact are killed by the dry or cold fog that foggers produce. Electrostatic sprayers feature an electrode that gives any disinfectant solution a positive electric charge, causing it to cling to surfaces and objects for thorough coverage. This approach is considered superior to fogging since it can wrap around things.

  • What chemical is used in an electrostatic sprayer?

    A TECcare CONTROL solution is sprayed. The positively charged particles in our spray enable the TECcare solution to tenaciously adhere to any surface at which it is directed. Optimal results are achieved since we can reach things that are awkwardly positioned and hard-to-reach.

  • What makes electrostatic spraying the ultimate protection method?

    There are three reasons why electrostatic spraying is the most preferred protection method:

    1. Contactless Spray: Cannon Cleaning operatives will not physically touch any surface within your premise.
    2. Zero Cross Contamination: Other disinfection methods involve the spray and wipe method. Wiping can inadvertently lead to the transfer of bacteria from one surface to another. Electrostatic Spraying eliminates this possibility.
    3. Maximum Efficiency: Using electrostatic spraying, we can access the hard-to-reach areas in a room with positively charged particles that allow the mist to aggressively cling to any surface it is aimed at.

Washroom Hygiene Services

  • Do you provide sanitary waste collection services?

    Yes, we provide feminine hygiene disposal units that come in a range of sizes and colours. We make sure your washroom always looks amazingly clean. Our team follows strict guidelines for sanitary waste collection services as per the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

  • What type of services included in Washroom Hygiene Services?

    Washroom services are required to maintain a hygienic environment in any commercial location. Cannon Cleaning provides washroom hygiene services near you as per the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992 which includes:

    • Sanitary waste management services
    • Air care solutions
    • Medical waste solutions

  • Which compliance do you follow for medical waste services?

    At Cannon Cleaning our staff is trained as per Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005, The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011, and Waste Framework Directive 2008. This helps us to provide you with the best services as per the laws and regulations.

Washroom Cleaning Image