Which are Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid?

window cleaning mistakes to avoid during cleaners cleaning office window
16 Feb 2023

For many people, cleaning windows is an easy activity that anybody can complete. You fetch some soapy water, and use it to clean the window, correct? But when done correctly, window cleaning is far more complicated than this.

Many people don’t spend the time and effort necessary to do it correctly, which leads to smeared windows, results that don’t last long, and serious injuries.

A professional window cleaner’s work will be 10 times better than someone else’s fast job since there is a technique to the skillset. We will examine the most common window cleaning mistakes in this article.

8 Window Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Here is a list of common window cleaning mistakes that should be avoided:

1. Not dusting the windows first

We all know that windows collect a lot of dust from the outside. But not everyone is aware of the fact that windows require proper dusting regularly. If you start cleaning your windows with water or cleaning products directly then the dust will become mud and scrapping it off the window can result in scratches.

As a result; it is important to dust the windows first and then start the cleaning process. Spend some time removing any deposits, such as bird droppings, that may have developed before you start cleaning your windows. A cleaner can be sprayed on stains to help loosen them. You can use paper towels for this step.

2. Cleaning larger area at once

Cleaning huge windows all at once comes with a variety of problems. Before rinsing, you first leave behind soapy residues that necessitate additional cleaning. Second, doing all the cleaning at once consumes a surprising amount of energy. Cleaning, rinsing, and drying windows in portions is always preferable.

3. Incorrect use of cleaning tools and products

You should stop using the window cleaning products you are accustomed to. They include chemicals that may harm your health and result in allergies, respiratory issues, skin rashes, etc. Additionally, these harmful materials are untrustworthy since they actually attract dust.

Maintaining streak-free and clear windows requires the proper tools and equipment for window washing.

For cleaning windows, most people suggest using paper towels or newspapers. Sadly, these materials leave behind fibres and print, producing a finish of low quality. It is important to use the right cleaning agents and tools for your windows.

4. Cleaning only one side of the glass

When it comes to window cleaning, the majority of people primarily focus on the exterior, giving the interior little attention. Naturally, windows have two sides, and it is important to make sure that they are both immaculately clean.

Therefore, it is crucial to regularly clean your windows both inside and outdoors if you want to live comfortably, run a successful company, and maintain the good health of your employees.

5. Windows cleaning in the wrong weather

We can frequently notice how dirty the windows are when the sun shines through them. This is quite annoying, and it could inspire us to clean them right away. What a mistake! Cleaning during the warmest part of the day puts your windows in danger of drying out rapidly. You’ll have to start over since this will cause stains.

To complete this task, pick an overcast day or a time when it is colder outside. Around 21° to 23 Celsius is the ideal temperature for cleaning windows. The importance of winter window cleaning in office buildings is much more as compared to that in summer.

6. Not giving importance to the windows

Your business’s professionalism is gently conveyed to clients and consumers by the condition of your windows. A lack of care in your company or premises might be shown by dirty windows, which undermines the trust you’re attempting to establish. You may quietly convey to clients, customers, and business partners that you take care of your location and maintain order by having your windows cleaned on a regular basis.

Windows that are dirty might give customers and business partners the idea that your location is old or neglected, which can be a significant red flag. Customers and potential clients will understand that you are investing in your company and that it is doing well.

7. Skipping the use of the squeegee

It’s such a big impact this one simple instrument can make when used on glass surfaces. There are instances when the initial wipe of the cloth doesn’t completely remove the cleaning agent, and having to re-wipe portions of the glass is a sure way to get streaks.

However, it is simple to polish each area of the window while using a squeegee. If you plan to work on tall windows, a long-handled squeegee is a necessity.

8. Using hard water to clean windows

The high concentration of dissolved minerals in hard water makes it unsuitable for cleaning windows. Magnesium and other minerals are said to lessen the foaming and cleansing effects of soaps and cleansers.

Water contains both organic and inorganic substances known as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Your windows may develop stains and streaks as a result of high TDS levels. To have streak-free windows, the water quality level shouldn’t be more than 20 parts per million (ppm).

The ugly stains and, the water spots visible on your glass windows are caused by hard water. If the root source of the issue hard water is not addressed then these stains and blotches will come back.

Over To You!

We hope you are now aware of the mistakes to avoid in the window cleaning process. We understand that professional cleaning can be a boring and difficult task especially when you have a commercial space to run. Hence it is always advisable to hire a commercial window cleaning company that can handle all your worries at affordable rates.

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